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  1. 6MT Supra for Trade

    We have one of these "opportunities" on the go here in BC, 1400kms, A91, $99,888... not at an actual Toyota dealer though.
  2. Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Spray

    Used it to coat a set of wheels once for a test, haven't used it much since then. There are MUCH better SiO2 ceramics out there in spray format.
  3. BMW Z4 wheels on a Supra… looks great

    Anyone else have other BMW wheels on? Let's see 'em!
  4. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    So did you put deposits down at Markville? Or does your rep work elsewhere? Asking because as per the original document Markville is slated for two, so it might speak to regional/area demand if it was known they had two coming in and no one ordered them until you.
  5. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    I can second this. Exact same information was given to me from someone who owns a dealership.
  6. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    The C U Later was stated as being 1 of 50, which would be the A91 trim. I can't confirm on the white one now that I checked.
  7. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    At least two have been delivered in the Vancouver area. One Burnout, one C U Later.
  8. Can you “over rev” the AT?

    Another '21 here. If I don't shift in manual, it doesn't shift, it will cut off the fuel and hang there all day. Now if we really want to add another little aspect to this, I can tell you the M240i that I drove did the exact same thing. My question this far into the thread would be: is there a...
  9. How many Supra’s in your area?

    I have about 100,000 people in my city, and we have three. Mine and the other two belong to guys at the local dealership; the owner and the master tech.
  10. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    Let's hope so. Given that Canada sells less than 8% of the entire US supply each year, 300 MT cars in the US could be less than 25 MT cars in Canada. In BC there are currently two 2023s for sale, neither are MT, both blue.
  11. Salvage Yards and Part Out

    So after browsing the salvaged thread, and seeing a couple completely written off turbulence cars with good front ends, does anyone know where I can actually browse for parts from some of these? I have searched here in Canada, where most parts websites look like they were designed in an...
  12. 2023 MT factory strut tower bar info.

    I just called the closest dealer to me, and keeping mind I'm in Canada... $1008 and it needs to come out of California. Usually my parts come from Vancouver so I'm guessing no stock in Canada yet for the dealers here. Well, at least I know now 🤷‍♂️
  13. Is uniden R7 really better than the R3 around town?

    I'll chime in as I just went through this a few months ago and ended up with an R4 (I know this wasn't an option as listed by the OP but maybe it'll add some insight). At the time, the R8 was just coming out, and it had some first run problems, so I stayed away. When I looked into it, the last...
  14. Canadian Manual Transmission Allocations

    This reminds me of Cochrane Toyota wanting $149,000 for a 2021 A91... that went well :rolleyes:
  15. Urgent Yuba City Tire Repair

    Anyone know if I can get the wheel lock from Toyota? Don’t ask where the one that came with the car is...😒
  16. Urgent Yuba City Tire Repair

    Anyone on the forum associated to any tire repair shops in Yuba City, CA? Just got a nail or something that looks repairable, but need to stop at the dealer first thing tomorrow for the wheel nut lock removal. Had to use the emergency kit and just to limp it back. Any help from a local is much...
  17. OR, CA, NV, ID and Beyond Road Trip

    Yeah, I really wanted to get through Death Valley again but I can't imagine the roads are in great shape after the floods.
  18. OR, CA, NV, ID and Beyond Road Trip

    I'll be sure to stop here on the way back! Thank you.
  19. OR, CA, NV, ID and Beyond Road Trip

    Folks, I'll be taking my Supra on its first decently long trip next month. Heading south from Vancouver, BC down the coast in Oregon, making a stop in Fort Bragg, CA, then off to Reno, NV. I have the first half of the trip down the coast and into Reno booked, but after that I don't really know...
  20. Official CU LATER GRAY Supra Club Thread

    It's odd really. For the A91 it's only those two colours. And, if you want the Burnout colour you have to get A91 MT, not available on any other build. Currently on the configure selection you can get CU Later in A91, 3.0 manual, or 3.0 auto. No an option on the 2.0 though. I'll keep an eye on...