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  1. liftgate

    i bent the hinges on my liftgate. i see 2 bolts into the gate and 2 screww into car body. does the headliner have to come down to put nuts on the body side of hinge??? thanks
  2. Any Canadians looking for a Refraction blue A91

    I feel blessed. Last november we went looking at the supra to order now for next summer. Owen sound ontario had a black premium in stock for 3 months and was keen to sell and trade my 2013 brz. The spouse said do it and it was so lucky as they are in short supply in canada now. No such...
  3. A91-CF pricing. $64,275 starting MSRP

    The USA price is closing in on Canada!!! And our dollar is stronger so we win
  4. NHTSA Recalls (Aug 3, 2021) - Remedy Available

    I had unplugged the amplifier that makes fake exhaust noise to the radio and that gave an error to the tech and he had to start again. Grumpy the process took 2.5 hours. Wifi download is slow. The dealer in western ontario has only sold 3 supras so tech is a little new to the car
  5. Sightings Thread

    There are 2 in bruce county. My black 21 and a blue 20. One sunny april day i saw 9 corvettes in an hour drive from kincardine to hanover!
  6. Did I get ripped off on extended warranty?

    Insurance is like asking a crystal ball the future. Most insurance pays out but sometimes they have to pay big. Its like betting on the horses
  7. Fake engine noise from speakers??

    Can u show how to find this plug please. Has unplugging caused any problems downline. Thanjs
  8. how soon will canadians unleash there supra??

    Too neat! No old bikes, snowblowers boat sails etc!
  9. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Gts 510. Canadian seller
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Today at the gas station a guy asked if I owned the Mazda!! He said he had a viper and would never drive it now!!. I said it was too nice a day to drive my ford focus!! I pulled out my firebird and subaru brz In March when these sunny days arrived!! Enjoy
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    New wheels gts 510 from in canada and michelin as 3+ tires. This way i can drive in canada on dry cold days and not worry about cracks in summer rubber. Life at 67 is too short not to enjoy this car!!!
  12. Replace Battery notification?!?

    In ontario canada, i had this at the showroom in november. Car ran fine, but noone could erase so-they replaced the battery. After they found one ! It was a comedy show for toyota canada. There is a bulletin outlining that car should be charged regularly at the dealer and locked at all...
  13. how soon will canadians unleash there supra??

    how soon will canadians unleash there supra??
  14. wheels and all season tires. canada

    has anyone in canada bought wheels and all season tires. what did you buy?
  15. Winter storage

    I put these photos up for photo of the month on a Facebook mk v group. They laughed! Bruce County, Ontario. Sail from c and c 38 to prevent snowblower from hitting the 2021 car delivered november 18. Drove 10 days and stored. I chuckle at those that use it to drive in the winter. Battery...
  16. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    stephen from bruce county ontario canada. funny story. had a 2013 subaru brz my spouse bought as a present for 35 years of working as a dentist. loved that car, but at 66 yrs old i was talking about our last summer car to order fall 2021. she wanted to buy local, and we stopped to see a...
  17. Will Supra Go In The Snow?

    up in ontario like michigan, we have winter cars that are cheap and wont make you cry when they are covered in crap. to me this car is a treat and a luxury and we treat it like that!!
  18. What fuel do you use?

    i chuckle when people pay 68k canadian for a car and lose sleep over the gas cost. doesnt make sense