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  1. Urgent Yuba City Tire Repair

    Anyone on the forum associated to any tire repair shops in Yuba City, CA? Just got a nail or something that looks repairable, but need to stop at the dealer first thing tomorrow for the wheel nut lock removal. Had to use the emergency kit and just to limp it back. Any help from a local is much...
  2. OR, CA, NV, ID and Beyond Road Trip

    Folks, I'll be taking my Supra on its first decently long trip next month. Heading south from Vancouver, BC down the coast in Oregon, making a stop in Fort Bragg, CA, then off to Reno, NV. I have the first half of the trip down the coast and into Reno booked, but after that I don't really know...
  3. Anyone know this build?

    Anyone know if this was built in BC?