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  1. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    Man... I feel like they really screwed over US buyers. Between not having an easy-to-access 12v port in the trunk and now realizing that for some silly reason they didn’t think we needed the puddle or footwell lights, either, I really just don’t understand their logic. I’ll be interested to see...
  2. Looking for Houston Area Members

    About 10 minutes from downtown Houston here.
  3. 2 months old... 1200 miles. Check engine light came on this morning!!

    I just wanted to say that the check engine light on my dashboard went away after about a day, so I suspect that it had to do with me inadvertently leaving the gas cap open between the two gas stations as I mentioned above (I'm still trying to get used to a car that has a gas cap again...).
  4. 2 months old... 1200 miles. Check engine light came on this morning!!

    I just got the check engine light this morning. I drove for about 5 hours yesterday to and from a meeting in Austin, and the light didn't come up until this morning when I got in my car to go to work (in Houston). I will say that when I got in the car and put it in "D"rive mode, it didn't move...
  5. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    They could be handling this like they did with the dashboard #s in the LEs - random allocation. :-P
  6. Model code designation? / Why do we use the A90 name for the 5th Gen Supra?

    Just waiting for this to happen again in this thread:
  7. TOM'S of JAPAN MKV SUPRA REVEAL - Tokyo Auto Salon

    Sorry, but I’m not falling for it this time. It’s not “thread jacking” – it’s highlighting the fact that when anyone tries to share information in threads created by a certain user, they get accused of all kinds of stuff (this time, of being “disruptive” and “falsifying information”). If...
  8. Special Edition Misano Blue Supra?

    rofl that's a wonderful way of expressing it. XD That looks a lot like the color that the few Plymouth Prowlers that I've ever seen came in.
  9. What Parts do we want developed for Supra??

    I am personally annoyed that we don't have the option (at least from what I can tell) to change the settings into Japanese. We get several other language options, but not the one that should be obvious for a "Japanese" car. I can only assume that the Japanese MKVs get this, and I understand that...
  10. TOM'S of JAPAN MKV SUPRA REVEAL - Tokyo Auto Salon

    lol this back-and-forth is comical to me and I am now beginning to understand why I was getting so much push back in this thread for trying to point folks to more useful versions of certain information. In short, I was accused of trying to "claim credit" and "wanting to be the first" for...
  11. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Nah I just pushed it back into place for the photo. :-/ The cat wanted to inspect the package as well. He was more entertained by the pulley ribbon thing than the book itself, though.
  12. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    Yeah, they are a bit "tacky" but I kind of like them and wouldn't mind picking them up (if Toyota ever finally gets their shit together and starts selling them, that is). :-P
  13. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    You can’t see it in the pics I posted on the previous page because I “fixed” it but yeah, the inner frame of my box had broken off and was like this too when I initially opened it. :-/
  14. "Supra" OEM Puddle Lights

    TLDR: Release date is now estimated to be around spring 2020. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know that there were many folks on here (myself included) who were waiting for the OEM puddle lights to be released as they'd been up on Toyota...
  15. Special Edition Misano Blue Supra?

    The spot in my parking garage that's right next to my MKV is a new BMW Z4 that I assume is this same color. If it is, and after having seen it every day for the past however-many months, I can confirm that it is very blue, to say the least.
  16. TOM'S of JAPAN MKV SUPRA REVEAL - Tokyo Auto Salon

    Ugh these are the vents that Toyota SHOULD have built into the hood of the car from the get go... I wonder if there’d be any way to “delete” the fake vents if you got this kit so that you didn’t have double vents (or, well, a vent and then a fake vent next to it) up front. Agree with others on...
  17. TRD Carbon Duckbill Spoiler INSTALLED!!! + Installation Instructions

    The post you referenced wasn't links to pricing info that was already in that thread - it was a consolidation of links to TRD USA, TRD Japan, and Toyota Japan's websites for Supra parts as that info was shared by other users in other threads but not the TRD Parts one prior to that. Anyway, I...
  18. TRD Carbon Duckbill Spoiler INSTALLED!!! + Installation Instructions

    /sigh… Yes, I’m aware that you don’t read posts. :-P Anyway, I was neither the first to share the installation information on here nor the first to install the parts (or even the first poster here to pop off my mirror caps prior to the proper removal video being shared last November). As others...
  19. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    Yup, FedEx here too. Interestingly, it's been almost half a year since a lot of us got the car, and we weren't expecting anything at this point, so it was really random. I've moved to a new state since I bought my car so I'm not even sure how they knew my new address... Anyway, as I mentioned...
  20. TRD Carbon Duckbill Spoiler INSTALLED!!! + Installation Instructions

    Yes, I'm honestly not sure why the mods didn't consolidate this with the TRD thread (as it wasn't just about pricing and there's been a lot of helpful discussion about the parts therein, including installation instructions). Also, when I got my parts, there weren't tutorials about their...