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  1. This is the 2020 mid-engine Chevy Corvette / C8 Corvette Z06 revealed

    İntersting topic, but frankly i was not surprised.
  2. Papadakis Racing 1000 HP Supra Engine Dyno Run!

    I wonder where are the haters doubting the potential of bimmer engine?:rofl:
  3. *BREAKING* Worldwide Release of the BMW S58 Engine 473 HP-503 HP!!

    All-new s58 that will be used in g80 m3/g82 m4, x3m,x4m What do you think? Do you think s58 will get love from tuners?
  4. BMW Concept 4 revealed: Preview of next 4 Series

    Hofmeister kink is mandatory. Without it car looks like everything but bmw.
  5. Greddy Supra Build - SEMA 2019

    The engine mods alone makes it best for me! Such an amazing build.
  6. Toyota Supra A90 Hits 781HP/900NM @ 300 Dreihundert

    After fixing the trans issue, i expect 850+ to the wheels:thumbsup: Good luck!
  7. Greddy intake manifold for B58 at SEMA

    Okay. Looks to be the intercooler was the primary thing limiting the potential of the engine
  8. Greddy intake manifold for B58 at SEMA

    Was the air to water intercooler ditched?
  9. Blown motor

    An in-depth difference thread would be appreciated, since most users here ( includung me) thought that headifold would be the only difference between b58a and c
  10. LS3 Twin Turbo M3 and A90 Supra Big Turbo

    Gotta say, beautiful build! Personally not my cup of tea, as I am little bit purist, but it deserves a thumbs up for dedication:thumbsup:
  11. Sodium filled valves

    The hyundai/kia 3.3t gdi engine, which won best engine of the year award also has sodium filled valves, and i haven't seen owners complain about it's reliability or durability.
  12. World's first B58 A80 Supra swap?

    Didn't tada-san say that base model Supra's b48 can be swapped for 2jz, which mounts directly to the chassis? That's why i thought the b58 could be swapped to mk4 as well.
  13. World's first B58 A80 Supra swap?

    So, as the 2jz swap mounts directly bolt on the mk5,does this mean b58 can be swapped to the mk4 too?
  14. World's first B58 A80 Supra swap?

    2jz fanbois on the insta are going pure apeshit on this, the comments are pure gold:rofl:
  15. JB4

    Oh neato. The question though: is it interchangable between bmw b58 and this?
  16. JB4

    Do you use bmw intake? I can't seem to find one for supra.
  17. Toyota Supra launch edition #380

    Ah, thanks for clarifying.
  18. Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 Sales Figures

    Is it true that europe will only get 900 Supras for this year?