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  1. Should Toyota Supra keep FT-1 2+2 configuration? Or lose backseats?

    Toyota needs a 2+2 sports coupe with somewhat usable back seats IMO. The 86 is not it and there's supposed to be a sub 86 that for sure will not have it. The pony cars show there's a good sized market for people who want sports cars but also need it to be practical. I'd like to see the MKV more...
  2. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    That article title is clickbait. BMW engines may not be Toyota reliable (and that's why I hope the new Supra gets a Toyota engine) but they're not as bad as the article makes them out to be. Also, engines such as BMW's that push the performance envelope are of course more likely to have issues...
  3. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    I like these statements very much! Oh and I just don't see Toyota NOT calling it the Supra. Wish they'd tease us with more than just the name though. When are they gonna start playing with spy photographers and driving some mules around?!
  4. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    I wonder if there's an agreement between Toyota and BMW where only Toyota can make a real high output version. Can't think of why else BMW wouldn't want to make an M version.
  5. New Toyota Supra rumored to get Toyota twin turbo V6 engine

    And the facelifted 2017 GT-R just got bumped up by $8200 to $110k now. If the MKV Supra is gonna be a GT-R / 911 competitor, we're going to see $90-100k price tag I think. If on the other hand it's going to be an M4 level competitor, I could see it staying in the $60k range. But hopefully at...
  6. Crickets... give us some news Toyota!

    Anyone know if they brought the car out to Chicago auto show which just started?
  7. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    Oh and if Toyota actually named the car S-FR I wouldn't be surprised if they actually lose some sales because of it and not calling it the Supra name that everyone wants and expects.
  8. What will the FT-1 be called? Supra trademark revived by Toyota!

    Such a good name that someone named a sneaker company after it :D
  9. Mid-engined Honda sports car (mini NSX) to take on Supra?

    Looks hot but also looks like a $100k+ car easy. With rumors at upcoming NSX gonna be priced at $200k, that makes sense. Also means that it wouldn't be in same segment as the Supra. As for Acura damn I don't know if after all these years of being irrelevant with enthusiasts they're gonna be...
  10. Have you seen the FT-1 or GR Supra in person?

    The FT-1 concept is at the NY show. Anyone going to see it??
  11. 3rd gen G29 BMW Z4 (2019-202X)

    Maybe they will mention it being modular and supporting what kind of dimensions. Also some info on materials I would expect.
  12. How will the 86 and Supra MKV affect each other?

    Making a popular and successful Supra successor can only help the 86 and the entire Toyota/Scion brand. Too long has Toyota been left off out of the discussion when it comes to the mags performance cars of the year and all kinds of bench racing etc. That stuff might not always matter, but it...
  13. Production-Spec Acura NSX to Debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January

    Not to take anything away from her but no car is designed by one person. Even Apple's Jony Ive has teams of designers sketching and modeling mockups before they choose the best. That said, is it me or does the NSX suddenly look more feminine :stirthepot:
  14. Reviving the Supra - does Toyota really benefit?

    Yes it's a good thing no Supra news there either. Poor timing by Acura.
  15. New rumors from C&D: 2020 Supra to get BMW inline six engine / B58 & S58 chat

    My original thinking was it would be to develop a platform that would be heavy on the carbon fiber usage. BMW makes a lot of sense for that too. I just figured with the Supra's old engine being so lauded Toyota would want to keep that tradition.
  16. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    Hope not! Hope the strong US economy and its huge car market helps convince them to make the Supra. US will be the largest market for the car afterall.
  17. Toyota FT-1 concept & A90 Supra design dissected

    "Toyota’s performance group, TRD, was called in to have a look, and they thought the FT-1 was “pretty good” as is but would have to test it to be sure." Was it strictly for Gran Turismo purposes? Kinda interesting they called TRD in to look at a concept, but I like how they have treated it like...
  18. Will FT-1 concept follow the FT-86 timeline?

    Sports cars have taken a hit by rising insurance and gas costs for a long time. It'll take more than a year or a few years to reverse that. Plus all the damn hybrids and electric cars are what the kids these days grow up around.
  19. Toyota FT-1 Concept on Jay Leno's Garage

    The "currently yes" was probably referring to the fact that the graphite FT-1 was going to be joining the red one. But I wouldn't be surprised if there's special insights they give him off-camera especially if he asked. He gave Toyota free publicity afterall.