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  1. SOLD

    2020.06.10: SOLD WHAT: Hi all, I'm listing my 2020 Red Premium with the Driver assist package for sale. Car is in immaculate condition, no issues, no accidents, no smokers, no kids, no pets. In fact, the passenger seat has only been sat in twice and that was my wife for about 15 minutes. The...
  2. Anyone Tried Coding the Supra Yet?

    Hi all, Anyone out there tried doing any coding or seeing what our options are yet? Last time I did any coding on BMW systems was back in 2015, so I'm not sure how everything has changed since.
  3. How to track your Supra's shipping vessel

    Hey all, while I'm guessing some of you already know this, I figured I'd do a brief how to on how your track the shipping vessel your car is on. It's pretty common for BMW M car purchasers to track their respective ships, so I'll share I what I learned tracking two M cars in the past. Your...
  4. Colorado Supras

    Hey All, Here is an anchor point for those of us here in Colorado! If you're out there and have you a deposit down, chime in here! I have a deposit down for a Red Premium (missed the LE I guess) from Mountain States! Should arrive some time in Sept.