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  1. Titan 7 Skinny Tire

    Why not run the correct tire, i.e., Mickey Thompson 26/6-17 Sportsman S/R? M&H also make a suitable radial which is effectively a 185/55-17.
  2. Best tire size for street/light track work?

    Not apples to apples, but in my experience the ECF easily last 50% longer than RE71-RS in both treadwear and heat cycles.
  3. Best tire size for street/light track work?

    No experience with the V730. If you want a tire that will live a long life on and off the track then you really can't beat the ECF. If you're looking for a dedicated track tire on a separate set of wheels and are chasing a number then I would go with one of the grippier super 200s. If you...
  4. Best tire size for street/light track work?

    I think ZL1's come with Goodyear SC3. I'm running the ECF on both of my Corvettes since for now I don't want to mess with my trailer or switch wheels at the track. So far they've been a great dual purpose tire and work well in the wet. I drove 180 miles to VIR, ran all weekend and then back...
  5. Best tire size for street/light track work?

    If/when I were to do it again I would go straight to a square setup. Lots of dual purpose tire options. I've personally had great success with RE-71RS, Continental Extremecontact Force and PS4S.
  6. 2024 Supra Update

    More cognitive dissonance from the Toyota marketing wank team... 1997 was badged the "15th Anniversary". Yet 1978 was the first year of the Celica XX/Celica Supra in Japan; first exports were 1979.
  7. Several HPDEs in, looking into mild track upgrades

    Hagerty event coverage (up to 3 days) uses RLI. The bummer is whether your event is 1 or 3 days it's the same price. I never used Lockton since it was marginally more expensive for the same event and coverage. And does cover TT for an extra premium; I recall it was about 15-20% more...
  8. Several HPDEs in, looking into mild track upgrades

    Wow... Super frustrating. Majority of the groups I've been running with are point-by only but that behavior in more than one session wouldn't fly with any of them. Thankfully every group I've run with has been super generous with point-bys and understanding the pecking order. If I had to...
  9. Ugliest car ever made? Pics & sightings

    Yeah.. A wingless coupe with the body colored trim pieces is not a good look, especially at that unflattering angle. IMO you need the contrast of the Carbon Flash trim and the Z51 or high wing spoiler to balance out ass end. Aside from being totally awesome in and of itself, I greatly prefer...
  10. If you could will you do it all over again?

    I got the C8 before I got hooked on HPDE but of course had to start tracking it as well. It's an easy car to drive on track but a challenge to really optimize. The mid-engine thing is a completely different experience with all of the weight behind you. It's definitely a new set of challenges...
  11. If you could will you do it all over again?

    Having been a MKIV Supra og, die hard stick shift guy and generally anti-BMW the MKV was an ambivalent, if not cynical purchase. Definitely a FAFO moment. The performance capability out of the box and with a few parts is undeniable, which is what ultimately swayed me. It took me a bit to warm...
  12. Stay away from Geico

    I ensure all of my worthwhile cars with Grundy, agreed value. They've never once questioned the value, asked for modifications or even miles. Technically it is a limited use policy but at least in NC there are no specific exclusions called out in black and white. Thankfully I've never had to...
  13. Several HPDEs in, looking into mild track upgrades

    Must be a new Brembo thing. The front pads on the C8 Z51 brakes were glued on as well. First time was a PITA.
  14. What do you do for a living?

    FYI I'm looking for a Ruby and Rails senior (or principal) software engineer. Fintech/payments, 100% remote, incredibly talented and innovative team.
  15. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I've said this in other threads.. A targa top is never happening because there's no way to stow it in the hatch without massive changes to the unibody.
  16. First time running North Course at VIR

    Interesting layout.. I've only run the Full course and this one omits my 2 favorite sectors -- upper esses and the back straight. I'd love to the run Grand some day. This one.. ..not so much.
  17. Several HPDEs in, looking into mild track upgrades

    RE: Brake fluid -- I would suggest Castrol SRF because 1) it's awesome and 2) it's ubiquitous on paddock. I've run the RE-71RS and Continental ECF. They're both what I would consider an Endurance 200 vs a Super 200. The RE warm up quicker, wear quicker and are faster. They seem a bit more...