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  1. So what am I looking at??

  2. Looking to buy Borla Exhaust

    Where is the best place to buy the Borla?
  3. Saw this old Supra i believe 88-93

    (Idk if I did that right ⬆⬆) But how much would u pay for this supra just by looking at it. Im trying to catch the guy outside to talk to him about it.. But not luck. People tell me they've seen it running..?‍♂️ -thats my tiktok FYI ?
  4. Whos seen a holden Vf Commodore ssv?

    Well I was traveling to San Antonio from south texas. Saw This car didn't know what it was. He kept revving at me.... Just to keep it short, it didn't keep up..?‍♂️?? But it was a nice car ? Wanted to take a pic of the car but he stay behind & didn't want to pass me after he got spanked twice...
  5. Looking into a flex fuel kit.

    So like the title says I'm looking into a flex fuel kit right now my car has cold air intake charge pipeñ jb4 ,downpipe catted.. I was reading a little bit about the flex flue kit and I would want something I dont have to worry about if I put 93 or E85 in between fueling up... and is it possible...
  6. Who does valet parking?

    Took the supra on a small vacation, got an Airbnb and in 1 of them they only had Free Valet parking. I ask they guy if I could park it my self he said nope.. I even told him i'll give you $25 to park it my self he still said no.. So I said never mind let me go park some where else. The guys (2)...
  7. Black Friday Deals...

    Where are all the black Friday deals?
  8. Auto Anything, Has anyone ordered from them?

    Looking at buying a Siebon wing and they have it for $807. Just wondering if anyone here has orders from them.( Auto Anything)
  9. So i finally got the screen mirroring thing figure out..

    And i got this...?‍♂️ Just a small screen... Gonna mess with it a little more to see what it can do..?‍♂️?
  10. Trying to buy a wing ( the seibon CF)

    Where and how long is the wait.. I already message some companies but not responds so far. (Just 1 from speed industry 2-3 month wait period ???) Is this normal of a wait time? Trying to see who has it in stock.
  11. Looking to buy AA Down pipe

    Whats up guys, im looking to buy the Active Autowerke catted DP (no cell) Where did you guys buy yours? And is it true no cell? Any sponsors here have a better price than online PM me. Thanks ?
  12. Just ordered JB4

    Hey what's up guys just like the title says just ordered (literally 5 min ago)the JB4 for my 2021.. just have a quick question has anybody bought the jb4 ewg connector and what does that do? & do I need it? Thanks guys.. ?
  13. Took a 2016 5.0 to Gapplebee's

    Yesterday I was going to a car meet/scene.. Just to chill and along the way had a mustang revving me a few times so I followed him and we did a rolling race and Gapped the 5.0 by 2 cars & my buddy said it was 3 cars ?‍♂️.. I have cold air intake& charge pipe.. Once I got to the car meet (1st...
  14. 956 RGV supras

    Hey what's up guys, just wanted to see who from the valley or/& near by would like to hang out take pics and drive around in our supra ? ? we can go to a coffee shop/bar (or maybe an auto parts store ) we can set up a date/time/and place... Let me know
  15. Installing cold air intake.

    Finally I have some time to install the cold air intake (MST) what tools would I need and what advice can u guys give me.. -I don't have many tools might have to buy some.? Thanks in advance...
  16. Range 0 mi. please refuel

    Just turned it on this morning and gave me this message. (It does have more than half a tank) Anyone had this before?
  17. What exhaust to buy?

    hey what's up guys, i just ordered the MST V2 Cold Air Intake System and thinking of ordering an Exhaust. my question is which one will not give me a check engine light? i also would like to buy the DP. i leaning towards the Borla Exhaust.