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  1. Apple CarPlay … difficult to find on occasion

    Do you have WiFi enabled on your iPhone before you start the car? Without it CarPlay won’t work, and enabling WiFi after you start the car won’t work either. That is in addition to having Bluetooth turned on. I’ve never had CarPlay issues as long as I remember to do that.
  2. Front license plate mount

    For center mount, this is what I use:
  3. How to remove trunk cover?

    If I remember correctly, pull the cover towards you to disengage the pins, push/slap from below to pop the pins, twist and turn to remove the cover. The last part is a bit tricky because of the shape of the trunk’s opening. Putting it back is even trickier.
  4. Removing airbag

    Did you try pressing the air bag so the right side is leveled with the left? If you do that, the left will pop out as easily and quickly as the right.
  5. Battery question

    You can program a new battery yourself with BimmerLink. BTW, if the battery discharges, and if you’d be able to recharge it, you’d have to reprogram it.
  6. Front License Plate?

    Sto-n-sho mounts lower in the center; it attaches under the bumper so you get less airflow restriction.
  7. Supra Logo Badges

    What do you think about the Supra logo? When I had mine done, a couple of years ago, I contacted two companies. One turned me down because they thought the Supra logo is copyrighted, font and all. The other,, didn’t have that concern.
  8. Custom Carbon Fiber Dash Inserts - Orders Open

    If I were a CF fan, I’d go with one that says “GR Supra — Powered by BMW”.
  9. K&N filter…

    Per manufacturer: The service interval for a drop-in replacement K&N® High-Flow Air Filter™ can vary greatly depending on the severity of driving conditions-from 100 miles in a desert-racing environment to up to 75,000 miles under normal highway driving conditions. K&N replacement air filters...
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

  11. What have you guys set for your programmable buttons?

    1. CarPlay 2. iPhone (music) 3. USB stick (music) 4. Tone 5. Equalizer 6. Tire Pressure 7. Engine Oil 8. Sport Displays
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I had the same problem. I couldn’t do it with an impact drill or a breaker bar. My trusted mechanic did it with an impact wrench. After I installed the new steering wheel my car would automatically honk the horn every time I made a right turn because one of he connectors was not fully seated. I...
  13. Mounting dashcam / gopro with windshield tint

    This site has mounts that go on the mirror stem:
  14. Inaccurate oil measurement

    I would dismiss the second reading and do it again after a 30-min drive.
  15. BMW or Toyota

    Maybe it would be good to watch this old video again.
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    I do too…. Toy Story for those who are wondering. Once you see it you can’t unsee it. I replaced the badges on my Supra with a custom-billet-S a long time ago.
  17. Dumb question oil reset

    Solution at 5:50: I have used BimmerLink successfully in the past.
  18. ODBLINK MX+ - Initial Setup - No GR Supra

    Are you trying to set it up in BimmerCode or the OBDLink app? For BimmerCode see the user guide here: The OBDLink app doesn’t have a Supra option but it will display a bunch of generic diagnostics, dashboards you can configure...