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  1. A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    :lol: Not only is the new Integra a complete eyesore, it doesn't deliver on the power on either.
  2. Guff's A90 Supra Rebuild - TA90 Lives On

    Awesome job @Guff! Nice to see it back on the track!
  3. A Legend Returns: New Acura Integra Coming for a New Generation

    I had a DC2 after high school and into college. It was a fun car to drive. With just a small teaser I'm already seeing some ugly styling cues. The flat edge fenders are so ugly. Hyundai Genesis coupe called, they want their headlights, grille edges and flat fenders back. :nono:
  4. HPDE and hot weather

    That's my favorite track and config. The last time I was on the East config, it was 118 in the shade. This was on my Ducati (which runs very hot) and in my 1 piece racing suit. The track org would announce over the PA for each 20 min groups, to use the final lap as your cool down lap. This...
  5. HPDE and hot weather

    Which configuration are you running? East, West, 5 mile etc? 100 degrees at Thill is not that bad for the summer months. On hot days, you should use your last lap as your cool down lap.
  6. Lotus Emira

    Here are some other color palettes.
  7. Lotus Emira

    Glad there isn’t a full on custom build option like with Porsche or else I’d have to sue you for copyright infringement. ;)
  8. Lotus Emira

    That’s more on BMW then Toyota. I read about the random quality issues that Lotus’ have but it seems to have improved. Hopefully this new factory will address these issues.
  9. Lotus Emira

    Dark green with tan leather is almost a given but dark green with black/gray leather goes well and pays homage to the vintage British racing cars.
  10. Lotus Emira

    Starting MSRP is 85K which is hopefully the V6.
  11. Lotus Emira

    True. I'm in love with this car. I haven't been wow'd by a car in a while (since the 997 GT3's were released). If the price speculation is true on the LT forum like this, it's a done deal for me. Cayman S (72k) vs. Emira AMG I4(65k) Cayman GTS 4.0 (86k) vs. Emira Toyota V6 (80k) This...
  12. Lotus Emira

    Are you not worried about first year production issues since this is a completely new car. Looking on Lotus Talk, other models seem to have intermittent issues.
  13. Lotus Emira

    Test drive with a stick to actually row! Damn, this car checks all of the boxes. I can't wait to see and test drive this thing.
  14. Lotus Emira

    This car has captured my attention and it’s love at first sight. This how I felt when I saw the MKIV Supra for the first time as a teenager. They have me at s/c Toyota V6, 6 speed manual, hydraulic steering, simple n driver focused interior. If the reviews match the specs, I’m definitely adding...
  15. Car excessively burning oil?

    +1 for UOA. I've been using Blackstone for a while but thinking of switching to SpeedDiagnostix. Blackstone is good to track UOA but they base it upon universal averages and not car specific applications...
  16. A80 Toyota Supra

    Rest In Peace Edgar.
  17. A80 Toyota Supra

    Oh sh*t!! Has Anthony verified who's Supra this belongs to?
  18. New Badge

    Looks 10x better and won't crack like the crappy current ones.
  19. Let's Talk About Manual Transmission Swaps

    Remember the good ol days when Elmhurst did the homework for MKIV owners and sold the complete kit for an AT to 6 speed swap.
  20. Let's Talk About Manual Transmission Swaps

    Ammar, are you planning to do it? I say study what EAG did, source the parts and do it yourself. IIRC, there was some ECU related warnings issues but the swap was straight forward.