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  1. ECU For Sale

    You can get an unlock and run BM3 CustomROM now. It's probably the best option for like 99% of people.
  2. BM3 CustomROM is Ready!

    Nothing has changed in regards to needing it unlocked by FEMTO. You will still need to pull the DME out of your car and ship it overseas. The only new thing from this process is instead of only allowing calibration flash tunes only, FEMTO are able to write the CustomROM portion of the code...
  3. Current Cloneable DME/ECU Status for Full Unlock

    For most people I would assume thats the case. BM3 can't natively control reflex even with customrom, so for those that are doing a full port injection build Ecutek still offers better control over PI and will require a clone.
  4. WTB: 2020 DME for CLONE

    You can do that without a clone. Ecutek just makes it easier. But its not impossible without it.
  5. WTB: 2020 DME for CLONE

    Keep an eye out on I was able to snag a DME from a 2019 X5 for $700 about 3 months ago. Just got it cloned and installed last week. Theres a thread linked a few posts back that show all compatible cars.
  6. Massachusetts state inspection?

    Not yet on the Supra but I've been tuned in every other car I've owned and havent had an issue. Those steps should be followed anytime you reset the ECU (reflashing it) usually it happens organically over time, but if you are tyring to set the readiness monitors you do those procedures to...
  7. Massachusetts state inspection? I would perform that procedure to ensure you are completing a full drive cycle. Certain things have to happen for each monitor to pass. As long as the BM3 tune didnt turn off the monitors theres no reason it should...
  8. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Just got my cloned DME back. Going to be installing that and getting Ecutek setup over the weekend. Have a flex fuel kit I need to install as well.
  9. Poor Man Spec to Proper Spec (Apple CarPlay on Base)

    Buried in the menus, I forget exactly where it is, but its there stock. Atleast on my 22 premium it is.
  10. ECU For Sale

    Is your 23 a manual or automatic? If it's a manual cloning and ecutek are not an option. Ecutek isn't necessarily safer, it just integrates better for things like flex fuel and port injection. Those are really only needed if you are going big power.
  11. Remnant Performance OMEGA 65 Turbo Kit

    Even then if you look at a brochure for the UK Supra its engine code is B58B30M1 which is the 6 port 335hp version used in the X5, X7, Z4 Euro spec, 740 and 840. Not the B58B30C which was the supra specific 2 port version. Just because the UK version makes 335hp, doesn't mean its using the 2...
  12. Remnant Performance OMEGA 65 Turbo Kit

    you can unlock any DME including up to 2023. Sure you can't tune on Ecutek. But they are unlockable pretty easily. You have to ship out your DME, but if you are spending that kind of money for a turbo kit you probably don't have any issues sending out your DME to be unlocked.
  13. Compatible BMW ECUs for Cloning

    They are still out there. Managed to find one earlier this week on car-part. $700. From a 2019 X5.
  14. Manual Trans MKV Tuning Questions and (Hopefully) Answers Thread

    Yes and No. If you have an unencrypted ECU most definitely. If you have an encrypted ECU with just a femto unlock, currently calibration only. However they(Protuningfreaks) just gave Femto the nesecary code to enable CustomROM on the S58. They have also publicly stated they are bringing...
  15. Software Issue?

    To get total range, consumption etc on the cluster display you need to hit the BC button on the turn signal stalk. its at the end. press it to cycle through options and hold to reset trip info.
  16. What cars do you regret getting rid of?

    I had a 5 speed 1993 Ford Taurus SHO as my first car. I regret selling it. That Yamaha engine was something else.
  17. $2699 | FEMTO Clone ECU Donor from BMW 740i

    If this ever goes down to $2k consider it sold lol. It'll go to a good home
  18. B48 Internals vs M235i M135i etc

    From what I can tell they don't share the same parts in that respect. The Supra outside of Japan uses the B48B20O1 spec engine and the M135i, M235i uses the B4820T1. There is a difference in power between the 2 engines as the compression ratio changes to 9.5:1 to allow more boost in the T1...
  19. A91-MT On chassis Dyno - 340 WHP

    Isn't 5th 1:1 on the manual? Why was it run in 4th?
  20. Ftp charge pipe compatibility

    from my understanding the charge pipe and intake setup are completely different things. I don't believe there's any instance where they would conflict.