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  1. Looking for a Wing

    That is my render done by Flathat3d
  2. **OFFICIAL** World Power Record and First 800+whp Supra MKV

    Very interesting Keep updating us here Well done
  3. A90 Supra life cycle: Incremental updates? New variants coming? What's next?

    I mean we hope the new supras after 2020 say 2021 won't be so different engine wise. We need consistency to get better results after market development focus on 1 engine. Also, I hope Toyota stay away from making more editions of the car because that will only raise the price and there will be...
  4. Exhaust tips

    Didn't know that I'll try
  5. Exhaust tips

    So is my comment
  6. Exhaust tips

    Its subjective I didn't like the stock tips at all
  7. Exhaust tips

    I placed an order for milltik exhaust Once I received my Titanmotorsports Downpipe and installed it. I immediately cancelled my milltik and took back my money. The Downpipe is more than enough, cracks and loud more than anything I would want in 2020 car. I have extremely loud mk4 and I want to...
  8. Exhaust tips

    I think it's out of stock now on Amazon But here is my order info you cam search it somewhere else
  9. Exhaust tips

    I found greddy, hks and others But I ended up buying upower tips Pay attention to the cut of the stock tips It's not straight.. and if you replace it with straight tips it won't look nice Also, check the stock tips very well. They are not removable.. and the linked valve sensor complicates...
  10. Has anyone tried TJ Hunt's rear spoiler?

    Just add front lip and it will fix it. Dont ask me how, but it will balance the look more or less
  11. Has anyone tried TJ Hunt's rear spoiler?

    It looks clearly too big for non wide body. Nothing like the Ekanoo wing imo
  12. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    I tried it, big improvements but still there remains like 20%
  13. IND A90 Supra Painted Mirror Cap Set

    This is very good Good luck
  14. What o2 extender works?

    let us know how this goes i just purchased the big daddy mini cat, will wait till i get it
  15. Current tuning options available to the public

    IMO MHD is the best, i have some thoughts on their aggressive way dealing with the clients, but as long as we use their app, we rarely need them they have good history in these BMW ECU too they offer re-flash to stock (if needed to avail anything through warranty package) they also claim 501 WHP...
  16. Any place to find mk4 original interior parts online

    He replied to me saying they don’t have stock
  17. Any place to find mk4 original interior parts online

    I have sent you a message on Friday Appreciate if you read and let me know
  18. Any place to find mk4 original interior parts online

    I came across his site while searching, but in his website, seems that he only listing RHD parts, i will email him and see if he also sell LHD Thanks man
  19. Any place to find mk4 original interior parts online

    thanks man, this is what i was looking for, very good reference
  20. Any place to find mk4 original interior parts online

    hey Jay thanks for replying i need some specific interior parts, ill be messaging you the part numbers or pictures soon i am now collecting a list of these items about the price, i won't take it from you cheaper than what it deserve, but I wont be paying fantasy numbers either