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  1. NJ/NYC

    CT here
  2. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    Think I've seen you post on one of the facebook groups, anyways welcome!
  3. Unknown DME Codes?

    There are several tune updates for this car, the latest version takes cares of the radiator shutters and other codes. Flags and thresholds are changed so they no longer appear
  4. World's Highest Horsepower A90 - MoTeC Powered

    not great lol Currently getting worked on
  5. World's Highest Horsepower A90 - MoTeC Powered

    Yes. We are controlling boost and port injection with the motec - for now.
  6. World's Highest Horsepower A90 - MoTeC Powered

    Don't know yet, email [email protected] We have not been to the track yet, still in the process of working out all the details
  7. Unknown DME Codes?

    These codes no longer come up with the latest dealer flash
  8. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    We need these!
  9. ECUTEK OBD dongle

    I keep mine plugged in all the time and don't have any problems
  10. Loss of power, BM3

    Hi, The car will automatically reduce power output when it gets hot. If you're tracking the car it doesn't take long for this to happen unless some things are tweaked in the tune. Of course without seeing a datalog I would only be guessing. If you can't datalog, the next thing I would try and...
  11. BM3 Stage 2/93 Concern (When Engine Cold)

    Can you make a video?
  12. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    I would reach out to Counterspace garage, they are in Cali and are actually in NorCal now working on customer cars. They've also have shown really nice power gains when using or Flex Fuel Kit on the Supra John
  13. Still Having CEL even after Ecutek 93 dyno tune

    I would avoid using extenders for the 02 sensor. I would have your tuner turn off whatever code you need off John
  14. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    All the ECU's are "locked", the dealer flash update simply blocks the .way we get into the ecu, preventing us from unlocking OBD Programming for non-OEM tunes. If your ECU gets updated it will have the latest update which no one knows how to OBD Unlock. This is where our unlock services comes...
  15. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    When the car comes in for service they aren't looking to see if it's tuned, they are just checking if it has the latest update. They will most likely flash over it. If they do we can unlock the ECU to work with BM3 again, or switch to EcuTek John
  16. Just getting into Supra

    Welcome! Where in NJ are you from? I'm from CT but we meet in north jersey and ride around during the weekend
  17. Dealer Flash Update Lock

    Looks like there is a dealer flash update that is locking OBD programming.