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  1. How did first service go at Toyota?

    Word to the wise, if anyone is in NorCal don’t even bother with Toyota 101 in Redwood City. They won’t touch warranty issues. Steer clear of. They did this to me with my Supra and sienna minivan as well.
  2. Supra Coding Step By Step

    It’s cause you have prime
  3. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Weird for me it’s showing up as $99 oh well
  4. Supra Coding Step By Step

    That’s a great deal, but it’s actually at $99 from that link which is still good.
  5. How did first service go at Toyota?

    Mine was kinda a nightmare. I’m in CA btw. Brought it to my local Redwood City dealer only for them to tell me 4 hours after waiting they don’t have the right oil. Wasn’t happy, took off with the car. Called up the dealer I bought it from in Santa Cruz, (an hour + away from me) and told them to...
  6. Backup camera while driving

    Hi all, I’ve seen numerous bmw videos where they take a video of their head unit and it shows their backup camera while driving at freeway speeds to show their flame or rolling anti lag system. Is the backup camera while rolling possible with the Supra also? Could someone look into that? It...
  7. Supra Coding Step By Step

    Is there any way to code something like this for our supras (showing the backup camera while driving). I know it’s a popular coding feature for many other bimmers.
  8. ArmaSpeed Toyota Supra A90 MK5 Cold air intake

    I was looking for the same thing but so far no one that I’ve seen has anything carb legal aside from an acrapovic full exhaust
  9. When will you do your first oil change?

    Day1 it took them 4 hours to tell me they didn’t have the oil for the change, and yes I told them beforehand I was coming in with a new Supra. Day 2 went to the dealer I bought the car from rather than the dealer from day 1, called ahead and told them to make sure they have all the correct parts...
  10. When will you do your first oil change?

    I got a message at 2500 for oil change so I did my first one. It took the dealer 3 days to change oil. Smh
  11. NorCal Supra club?

    Any Supra clubs in up here NorCal by the bay?
  12. Fake engine noise from speakers??

    I I turned mine off and got a catless acrapovic exhaust. Everyone tells me it’s loud while I can barely hear it. This car is super insulated like other bmws and that’s why they put the asd in it to begin with.
  13. Anyone install interior/exterior door handle covers?

    Are those replacements for the factory ones or do they stick on with 3m tape? Also if you installed them yourself how easy was it, how’s the quality of the carbon fiber, and do you know if they come clear coated.
  14. Anyone install interior/exterior door handle covers?

    I noticed revel GT released a set of dry carbon fiber interior door handle covers. Has anyone installed these yet? What are your thoughts about it? I also noticed Supra Star made cf exterior door handle covers. Has anyone installed these? What are your thoughts about it? I noticed they posted...
  15. Sequential turn signals solution?

    I wonder if anyone will make a sequential turn signal kit. Something that makes the headlight and tail light signals sequential (if that’s even possible on this car) and something for the mirror flashers. I know autotecnik makes a “smoked sequential signal” kit for the mirrors but from what I...
  16. EcuTek Tuning - Stage 1 & 2 Tuning 91, 93, E30+ Tunes now available!

    Got a question about Ecutek, have a buddy who took his car to a dealer (not sure what kind of a flash he had) and the dealer deleted the tune from the car. Now since he has no copy of it he has to get another tune. Is there a way I can make a copy of the tune file from the Ecutek system onto my...
  17. Supra Coding Step By Step

    I know what he means, some of the other bmws have a coding option to essentially turn off all of the electronics once the door opens. That would be nice to have tbh, I don’t really like that it all stays on for another 10/15 min after I lock the car.
  18. Need Upgrade Suggestions

    Catless will definitely give you cel.