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  1. What map are you using? (JB4)

    This is what I'm doing for Map 3 so I think you should be fine. I use booster to push 93 octane up to 97-98~ octane and the car's been running fine now that I have EWG harness. I've only had over boosting when running 98 octane on map 3 & catless DP. I sent logs to Terry and he recommended...
  2. What map are you using? (JB4)

    Yes, it plugs in between the ECU and engine sensors so it should work. It doesn't have the sophistication/customization of a flash tune, but in my case was perfect for a quick power bump until I decide to get more serious and have one of the tuners on here custom tune the car. Check out the...
  3. Black Stone Report

    7 Months/3,616 Miles Followed Break-in Procedure Up to ~2k Miles Last 1.6K miles was a mix of spirited back-road driving & a couple lead footed highway trips in the TN mountains.
  4. Those running JB4 (Map Guide)

    Threading the OBD cable through the firewall was only on initial install. I just unplug the OBD cable and stuff it in the back with the other electrical wires. And then unplug & remove the JB4 from the engine bay. Been to the dealer 3 times (free oil changes & recall) and haven't had an...