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  1. Pilot Super Sport Set

    Changed my entire wheel setup and am listing the following for sale: 2-Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (255/35/R19) -4,000 miles on each. -no patches or issues -$150 each. -Local pickup (Lakeland FL).
  2. Pure800 Size

    Does anyone know the size of the turbines in the Pure800? I’ve checked various threads with no clear cut answer. Sick of people asking me, since I’m running one and having to tell them it’s a mystery.. I know Pure does not list the specs but I figured someone by now has ripped them apart and...
  3. Stock Turbo (2020)

    Upgraded to a Pure800. Stock turbo from a 2020 A90 Supra. Great Condition. -15,000 miles $900.00 Located in Texas.
  4. Boostlogic Tuning

    Anyone had their vehicle tuned at Boostlogic in Austin? Currently have a Pure800 with Port Injection and a Botti tune. Surprisingly the Botti tune is having issues and I’d rather find someone else then go through the headache of getting ahold of him…nearly impossible.
  5. Wire Tuck/ Engine Cleanup

    I understand why a majority of the wiring is exposed throughout the engine bay but was wondering if anyone has done a wire tuck/ engine bay cleanup for the B58? If so please post pics.
  6. Pure 800 93 Octane

    Lets see those Pure 800 93 Octane numbers. Tuner and modifications list would be appreciated.
  7. Block Thickness

    Has anyone done a comparison similar to Motive’s 2J vs RB block comparison for the B58? Curious how it compares to other I6 legends.
  8. New Tires=Slow?

    I've got a Mike Botti 93 tune with a downpipe and the car rips. I went to discount tire and had them put on new rear tires (Michelin Pilot Super Sports 285/35r/19). Before I would spin in 3rd but even with losing traction the car hauled ass. After getting the new tires put on, it feels like a...
  9. OEM Downpipe

    I have an OEM Downpipe for sale (2020 MK5). Paypal accepted, shipping not included. Ships from Texas.
  10. Botti Check

    I've been working with a highly respected tuning shop in the Dallas Area that uses Botti for their customers. The owner was contacted by Mike Botti on September 25th that he had shipped my EcuTek Cable to install the tune. It's been two weeks with no response from Botti, as we have attempted to...
  11. Single Exit Exhaust

    I've seen some, to very little information on single exit exhausts. I know a few are out on the market but does anyone have any information on future releases? I'm waiting on Tomei but haven't heard anything for months.
  12. 2021 Turbo vs 2020 Turbo

    I recall hearing there is a difference in turbo size between the B58C and B58D, with the D being larger. Can anyone confirm this? Articles or part numbers would be appreciated thanks.
  13. 2020 Supra OEM Turbo Size

    Anyone know the exact specifications for the turbocharger (2020 Model)? Had a Blouch TD06-20g for my 2006 STI and was curious on a size comparison.