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  1. FS: 2023 A91 MT CU Later Gray (VA)

    This one hurts my heart
  2. FS: 2023 A91 MT CU Later Gray (VA)

    I admit I'm one of the people that you guys hate for paying the dealer markups. Learned my lesson and hopefully smarter now. Had my eye on it since it was announced and bought within hours from being dropped off at the dealer.
  3. FS: 2023 A91 MT CU Later Gray (VA)

    Miles: 6,600 Price: $73,000 Mod List: HKS Intake HKS Exhaust HKS HIPERMAX Touring Springs AA Downpipe Front PPF (Bumper, Headlamps, Hood, Fender, Mirror Cap) Gtechniq Crystal Serum Black Femto Partial Unlock AWE Foiler Wind Diffuser WeatherTech Liners with GR Supra badges Verification...
  4. Parking Brake unexpected Release (MT)

    idk where the image in that graphic came from but on page 27 in the manual here, it says set 1st or reverse. It is pretty funny to come back every once in a while and see you still arguing the same thing though. Good...

    If you are getting a custom tune it doesn't matter. Choose a tuner, contact them and use what platform they like. Otherwise if you're just using OTS maps In my opinion the MHD OTS maps are better than BM3. BM3 also has a nicer interface especially with the newest update on their mobile app.
  6. Parking Brake unexpected Release (MT)

    I have also had this problem but only when I've stopped the car temporarily. I think I stopped the car to talk to friends and then started rolling backwards so what you're saying about the timer makes a lot of sense. At least I've never had it roll away while it was off. Always leave it in...
  7. Clutch Slipping on stock A91 MT...

    Any problems with it after that video? CEL or reduced power? Had something odd happen with mine as well.
  8. Clutch Slipping on stock A91 MT...

    Thought I was going crazy so I had to try it again. Works for me idk. excuse The shitty driving I’m a shit driver
  9. Clutch Slipping on stock A91 MT...

    I didn't do a lot of testing I just know when I turned off tc completely, I had to do my own downshifts. I was in sport mode and I normally use rev matching 'cause I'm lazy so I never turn it off.
  10. Clutch Slipping on stock A91 MT...

    When you turn off traction control completely it also disables rev matching
  11. Manual Trans MKV Tuning Questions and (Hopefully) Answers Thread

    I ended up with both BM3 and MHD super licenses. If you are planning to run OTS maps for an extended period of time then MHD is absolutely amazing. The maps feel MUCH better than BM3. I have had some issues flashing on MHD but they say they will have them ironed out in the next update of the...
  12. 2023 Toyota GR Supra Manual Review Thread!!!

    Fun casual review/experience. I'll be driving mine in the winter too so seeing him mess around in the snow is great.
  13. Scammer List! - Post Them Here!

    I was sent a story on IG saying @supra_partsusa was also a scammer. @toyota_supra_parts_for_sale_ also looks like a potential scam account but they haven't sent me a message, just a follow.
  14. Bm3 connection problem

    Post a screenshot of the error you're getting. The one you included doesn't help much. for wifi adapters on the phone you want to ensure that carplay is disabled, seatbelt is plugged in, airplane mode is enabled, wifi is connected to the adapter, and your car is in diagnostic mode.
  15. Supra 2.0 JB4

    Another vouch for Jesse on JB4. OTS Maps for JB4 really aren't that great and everything is much smoother after working with him. Had Intake, Downpipe and Exhaust. Jesse was kind enough to do before and after tunes while I was modding my 2.0.
  16. Mod friendly dealerships?

    I have a JB4 and used to remove it before bringing them in to service. Stopped caring a couple months ago since I put in my DP and I've been asking them not to touch my OBDII since I got my unlock. They haven't said anything about my warranty. If you're still worried, make friends with the...

    Oh so you're the other A91MT that went to Kinetic 🤣 I'm in the same area we should meet up. Your build already looks amazing.
  18. Manuals Unlocked?

    I just sent mine out the other day. Femto has partial unlocks so you can run things like MHD and BM3. No ecutek. Same as the other post 2021+ ecus. It seems though we won't be getting cloning done for the MTs
  19. A91MT Owners

    55302 CUL. Mine is #001 I swear. The salesman told me so.