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  1. Do we wave?

    I haven't passed another MKV on the road yet but I give all Supra models a wave :)
  2. Anyone running Semi Slicks?

    In my opinion, semi slicks are 100 treadwear or less.
  3. Anyone running Semi Slicks?

    I've just bought some for an upcoming event. Nankang AR-1 on stock (painted) wheels. Sizes were a bit limited so I went with 265/35/19 front (pretty square fitment) and 275/35/19 rear (a little tighter), although the tyres do run pretty wide for their listed size.
  4. Vibrations/Rattles in 2020 Premium Supra

    I've got the same rattle so keep the thread updated if you find a solution!
  5. AFE or Borla ATAK catback?

    Here's some clips of the AFE Takeda 3" to 2x2.5" with VRSF catless downpipe. Having the camera mounted above the straight-pipe side doesn't really give the most balanced impression of the in-cabin sound though. Standing start - 0:00 Twisties 1 - 0:13 Twisties 2 - 2:35 You can hear the noise...
  6. TPMS BMW Huf Sensor 36106877937 433MHz Works Fine

    I did end up getting this set installed correctly and working well :)
  7. AFE or Borla ATAK catback?

    I fitted the AFE Takeda on the weekend and it sounds fantastic. Such great value for money compared to all the others I could find. I'll try to get some sound clips on the weekend.
  8. Official DOWNSHIFT BLUE Supra Club Thread

    Looks good Tony, I prefer lighter colour wheels with the blue as well.
  9. Painting the stock rims ?

    My second set of wheels, painted pewter.
  10. How much grip does width alone buy

    IMO a better tyre compound would make much more of a difference than 10% more width. I'd take 275 semi slicks over 295 or 305 road tyres every day.
  11. TPMS BMW Huf Sensor 36106877937 433MHz Works Fine

    The seller has been very helpful. He's sent me HUF's installation guide which explain there's a shear collar internally on the nut which breaks free at around 3NM so you can continue to torque until 4NM. Alternatively the collar on the valve could just be removed to allow the nut to clamp fully...
  12. TPMS BMW Huf Sensor 36106877937 433MHz Works Fine

    I actually contacted the seller again and he said they definitely should fit so I guess I'll take them to another tyre shop to check.
  13. Ceramic Coating and Vinyl

    The stripes may have difficulty adhering to the ceramic coat, do it afterwards.
  14. TPMS BMW Huf Sensor 36106877937 433MHz Works Fine

    FYI, I ordered the exact ones linked by OP and they DID NOT fit the standard rims. I've ordered these ones from the same seller instead
  15. DO NOT Buy A Steering Wheel From "VQCarbonCustoms"

    I feel your frustrating but honestly, they're just waiting on it to arrive to them. 6 vs 5 weeks is nothing in the current climate. It's not like they're getting daily updates from the freight company and have any new information to give to you. Ignoring your communication isn't good, but having...
  16. BM3 Exhaust Flap Settings

    Those setting only changes the burble though. Below that it has flap preferences but only for sports mode. The diagnostic open/close/auto was more to test if it actually changes the position. I suppose I should find a tuner and ask what their experiences are.
  17. BM3 Exhaust Flap Settings

    In Australia we have a quieter rear muffler and the flap is closed for cold start, then open in comfort and sports modes. I'd like to enjoy some more noise with an aftermarket exhaust but I don't want it to be obnoxious all the time. Is it possible with the BM3 to custom tune so that the flap...
  18. Painting the stock rims ?

    I had my standard wheels 2-pac painted a light champagne/silver colour. I've also got a second set of wheels that are currently being painted pewter.
  19. Exhaust noise and burble almost gone

    I picked up my Supra from Tuggerah and drove it back to Qld :) It was at the Ford dealer with 2400km. I can't help with the few issues you had but I do have a downpipe, intake and BM3 stage 2 OTS tune. The BM3 makes a massive difference in power and you'll be able to adjust the burbles to your...