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  1. Anyone local to check if my ecu is locked?

    So, I have the obd cable... Any software I can use that's free/cheap to just check software version?
  2. Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe?

    I bought it straight from injen. It's getting here Tuesday. Usually as a rule, the best thing to do when a part is on back order is to order from the manufacturer. It was longer than what it would have been if I had ordered from a supplier that had stock. But a 5 day turn around for machining...
  3. Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe?

    Nice, hoping to get this project done before I deploy. Going to do a downpipe, exhaust, and tune when I get back. Anyway thanks for the help!
  4. Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe?

    Awesome. I went ahead and ordered that and the charge pipe. How long did yours take to ship?
  5. Injen Intake and Intercooler Pipe?

    Anyone have the Injen Evo2300 or SES Intercooler? If so how do the stack up to other manufacturers? Would you recommend looking at something else?