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  1. Carplay activation for 2021 3.0 in USA

    When did you buy the car? Can you exchange it? I bought my 3.0 Premium new for 48K and that included the carbon mirror caps.
  2. TRD exhaust for Supra

    The LFA is so badass. You can even make the claim that it’s a smart financial decision since that car will only appreciate from here. The sound of that engine 😍
  3. No cruise control or safety sense

    I feel this is a Toyota solution for a more complicated BMW problem. Doubt it’s a switch.
  4. TRD exhaust for Supra

    Wait, can I see these photos too? Sounds cool.
  5. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    DCT is gone. ZF is the future.
  6. Supra 2020 brand new offer, is it worth it?

    I paid $48k for my 2020 in October of last year. I'm surprised there's any 2020s left. Tell them you'll take it for $46k. I never accept the first offer.
  7. Supra MKV in the Movie.

    I got a good chuckle out of that. Looks like the German version of the Fast and the Furious. I'll watch it lol
  8. Does the 20/21 Supra have Lane Keep Assist?

    I think everyone is confused about what he's asking. The Supra has lane departure assistance. Not lane keep (sometimes referred to as lane centering). If you take your hand off the wheel during a long sweeping turn on the highway, it won't keep you centered in the lane, it'll bounce you in and...
  9. Holding the downshift paddle/lever while braking hard.

    Just so I understand, you just hold the Down lever and it'll go into the lowest allowable gear? Do you have to be braking as well? Or will it work if you're just cruising and then want to suddenly pass someone?
  10. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Paddle Set DIY

    I pushed down on the yellow arrow in the little window. If I remember correctly, there's a raised detent and I pushed that down to be able to separate the connectors.
  11. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I'm glad they chose not to. I was able to buy a BRZ because of shared development costs. And now I'm able to buy a Supra for the same reasons. If they designed the platform and an inline 6 egine from scratch, I'm sure it would've cost more than the GTR. Who buys GTRs now that they're $120k+? No...
  12. All-New 2022 Subaru BRZ Makes Global Debut

    I came from a 2015 BRZ. Honestly, the iDrive system and the rest of the technology in the Supra is worth more than the HP increase. The BRZ feels so budget (which it is) compared to the technology in the Supra. You'll be very happy with your decision.
  13. IND | 3D Design A90 Supra Carbon Paddle Set DIY

    I used some pick tools to push on the connectors like IND showed in their photos. If you're using a screwdriver, it might be harder since the connectors are so small.
  14. Needs advice from supra community!

    I definitely wouldn't do a flash tune. I think your car has some more issues that a tune won't fix. The HUD issue won't be fixed with a tune. You can code the car to have it remember the auto start/stop. But I wouldn't do a full re-flash tune. Seems they're going to have to buy the car back from...
  15. What product to use to wash and wax your MKV Supra?

    I just bought the Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax also. I washed the car and realized I was out of the Gold Class spray wax. so I used the old fashioned Gold Class paste wax. Took much longer, but it was a labor of love. Anyway, for this hybrid wax, it says to spray on the entire exterior, do they...
  16. Colorado Supras

    It’s definitely better to travel for a good deal. You can also consider selling your trade private party. I’m in South Florida and I flew to NY for a brand new 2020 Premium with driver’s assist and carbon mirrors for $48k flat. And no dealer fee. It was about $9.5k off. In Florida, all the...
  17. Rob's Supra - Wagga Wagga, NSW

    Those look sweet! You’ll be really happy with those! And a good price to.
  18. South Florida Supra gr peeps

    That would be sweet. I’m down.
  19. Rob's Supra - Wagga Wagga, NSW

    I’d go with the full paddle replacement since you have the steering wheel off. You’re going to be moving the entire paddle assembly from the old wheel to the new wheel. And a one piece paddle will be a lot more stiff than the 3M stick-ons. And you’d still see the oem plastic paddles at the...
  20. Wouldnt Rev after starting

    It’ll be faster, for sure. More reliable? Probably not since it’s BMW based. I think you just had a lemon, mine has been flawless. If anything see what happens with the GRMN and see if you’re into it and if it’s in your budget. If you want something more reliable, I’ve heard Porsche’s are pretty...