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  1. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    The Supra being fun.. I don't think you're alone on that. I've heard others mention this as well, wish I could get behind the wheel of one. I tried working a deal on an a91 a couple months ago but they had a markup and were trying to screw me out of my super clean 4runner trade. Kind of was...
  2. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    If I were to buy a 997.2 or 991 I'd most likely ending up spending upper 50's low 60's to acquire the right one. A miata is not even in the cards for me. I understand why people buy them, just not a car for me personally. Looked at a f-type r this past weekend, one of the best...
  3. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    Absolutely, never said they weren't. I've done very well over the years with the 23 cars I've owned. Just bought the right ones and at the right time. Would like to continue that.
  4. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    Dang... thats pretty good. What was the price before taxes and fee's? Basically just the car itself
  5. For lovers of curves

    Yep it sure is. Lived in Kansas for 30 years and there's just nothing for enthusiast roads. My car interest started to lean towards 1/4 mile or straight line performance. I live in Colorado now, some really good roads out here. Some are higher in elevation so not accessible during winter or...
  6. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    Dang man. That's horrible! I've definitely seen rail dust on cars but nothing to that extent. I'd be cautious of letting the dealership try to correct this. I'd wager that they would cause more damage then good. Typically the detail guys are in their late teens/early 20's and have no clue how to...
  7. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Sounds like the same issue's I'm running into here in Colorado with local dealerships. Hardly anything for a solid trade but I guess at least they offered to come down $1000 plus the rebate. They took the rebate off for me then added about a grand in fee's lol. I said no thanks...
  8. Colorado Supras

    I appreciate that! I checked their site. Only two supra's in stock at the moment and not any colors I'm interested in but I'll keep them in mind. Definitely looks like I'll sell private party once the time comes. Sounds like a killer deal on your 2020.
  9. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Gotcha. Nice you had so many local a91 choices. Yea the whole document and handling fee's are frustrating. I'm sure if a person dug deep enough there's some sort of clause stating it's just extra profit. I know $400 isn't a huge deal when you're talking about a $57k vehicle but it's that along...
  10. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    I've come to this conclusion as well. I think they get used to dealing with uneducated buyers so they are thrown off when someone walks in and has done a little research. Almost offended by it. Were these all local dealerships that had the a91 or did you have to search nationwide? Other than...
  11. Colorado Supras

    Same here. I tried to work a deal on one locally but they wanted over msrp and then got down to msrp but they had about $900 in extra fee's I'm not willing to pay. It's very frustrating, I've never had such a hard time buying a car. I also probably have the nicest used trail edition 4runner and...
  12. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    I hear that. From what I've seen posted on this forum, people are getting great deals on these cars, it just depends on if the dealer wants to negotiate or not. My dealer and sounds like yours as well just doesn't. It's really frustrating. I'm almost thinking about just waiting, we are...
  13. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    OTD is a hard one to compare to as it's dependent on your dealerships fee's, city and state sales tax rates. At 61k you are probably close compared to what I would be looking at. $57050 msrp -$1500 rebate Dealer D&H $626.20 Vin etching $299.00 Total before sales tax +$56475.20 Sales tax 8.44%...
  14. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    DOC fee? not sure.. they call it delivery and handling fee but there's already a $995 deliver charge from shipping the car from toyota to them. They want msrp minus the new $1500 rebate plus all these fee's like the one above, vin etching, etc... I may have to check out the doc fee and see if...
  15. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Regrading dealer D&H fee's are you guys all paying these? The dealer I'm trying to work with charges a ridiculous $599 d&h fee and is obviously there just to add more profit. I have a hard time paying such an amount to push paperwork around their store.
  16. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Yea... a little disappointed that it was only $1500 as well. Like you said, makes you wonder if that will change in a month or two.
  17. Is this Supra worth $149,999?

    Must of been a giveaway car, I've seen that 80eighty company before.
  18. Share your MY 2021 Deal!

    Nice, totally understand. Be interesting to see what it ends up being.
  19. Officially ordered my A91 edition

    As someone that has done many many paint corrections, yes. On a new car the best thing you can do is tell the dealership to not wash it. Usually their wash crew is made up of 17 year olds that have no clue how to properly wash a car. I looked at a new a91 over the weekend and instantly could see...