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  1. California Roll-Call

    Sorry for the late reply guys. I Want to do a meet sometime this month who over is willing to meet in the bay area please pm and we can arrange a time and date . Im from the east bay
  2. California Roll-Call

    Nice this post is picking up. I'd definitely like to set something up as soon as I get my car back from Neuspeed.
  3. We WON! California 2018 Exhaust Law!

    Anything to try to get $$
  4. How many owners got their Supra at MSRP?

    My dealership is selling All Supras @ Msrp. Pm for details I'm in Norther California!
  5. Supra Daily?

    I daily my Supra it only has a little over 5k miles with just a little over 1 month old of ownership . :)
  6. What the Supra lacks

    The only thing Toyota dropped the ball on was the steering wheel and how small the paddle shifters are. Id much prefer slightly bigger aluminum, not plastic paddle shifters. Also the god awful wind buffet noise after 50mph.
  7. Your First Modification?

    Just like the title states what will be your first mod on your Supra? Mine is going to be lowering springs and wheels.
  8. California Roll-Call

    Hello fellow Supra members my name is Hector I purchased White launch edition back in late July. my I'm trying to gather up people who have purchased Toyota Supra's in California to start some monthly meets / cars and coffee etc. and possibly do a caravan around the bay area.
  9. Californian Supras

    If anyone in the state of California (Nor-cal) is interested on the Supra @ Msrp pm me.