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  1. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    There's a GR Supra UAE group, you can find them on Instagram and send a message to be a part of it- grsupra.uae
  2. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Yeah, someone from our Whatsapp group has been there and they recommended them to me as well. Thank you!
  3. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    I tried all that, I guess I've got to get a WiFi antenna ting installed, I've contacted the dealership to see if they can sort me out, but what I've heard from others experience I doubt they'd be of any help, so I'll prolly' get it done from elsewhere soon inshallah
  4. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Hi, I had all the same questions when I got the car like you have now. As per Apple Carplay you can just read all the messages on this forum. As per the warranty, when I asked at the showroom they said if there's a short circuit or any such issues during the process of installation your...
  5. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Mine wasn't even getting connected to the WiFi, the name wasn't even showing up unless I manually typed it in search. I know someone who got the antenna installed here in Dubai from this garage, I'm just waiting for Toyota's response, if they'll do it for free or will I have to get installed...
  6. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Yeah, I tried everything, about to get the wifi antenna ting installed soon inshallah. Will try with that and hopefully it'll work. Normal bluetooth and that is working but I think there's some issue with the wifi connection it's not showing up on my phone, tried my friend's android for screen...
  7. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    I did the activation process with my laptop connected, it said it's been done successfully, but no changes on the screen, no option for Carplay on home screen or anything. Disconnected and reconnected my phone, tried connecting with the cable too but nothing happened, I've Whatsapped them at the...
  8. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    That's great! Was it easy to install? because I've never done anything like this by myself before.
  9. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Do let me know how it goes, I'll look into it too, thanks! Yeah I messaged the guy yesterday for service package and that, but he hasn't replied yet ...
  10. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Oh that's pretty sick! I'm based around Mankhool
  11. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    Same issue mate, I've been w Love the car as it's my first, growing up my dad always had SUVs, got a coupe for the first time and I've been enjoying it. As per the PPF I'm getting it done from Elite Shine in Al Quoz, they've got some offer till tomorrow, 10th January, for 4,000 AED + Ceramic...
  12. Missing Apple Carplay

    Even my smart key isn't working properly I guess, unable to lock and unlock the doors using the exterior handles ....
  13. Missing Apple Carplay

    Do you recommend any specific software or way to get it? Ngl, I'm not a big petrol head, so don't really have much knowledge, but I'm gaining interest still.
  14. Calling all UAE MKV Supra owners

    I got my Silver A90 on 30th December 2020 in Dubai, still waiting for the activation code for navigation, and trying to figure out a way to get Apple Carplay, would appreciate any recommendations for where to get it installed from. Currently given my car for PPF and tinting for the next couple days.
  15. Missing Apple Carplay

    Hi, I'm sorry if this post is a duplicate (I'm new here), I just got a used 2020 Supra (1800km driven) in Dubai about a week ago and there's no Carplay for some reason. I assumed all 2020 Supra come with Apple Carplay, am I missing something? I don't have wireless charging either, it's just a...