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  1. any former mustang owners want to compare their supra experience to their former car?

    I KNOW it's not the same lol but my prior car was a Camaro SS which is a lot like the Mustang GT except better in all respects lololol. Jokes aside, the Camaro and Mustang are broadly comparable so I figured I would share my thoughts... I thought the lack of a back seat would be more of an...
  2. Painting the stock rims ?

    prismatic powders’ website has a TON of pics of automotive applications. There’s a bunch with bronze chrome, but it seems like the clear coat is important too. Bronze Chrome with a matte clearcoat would look great. Dark Bronze II looks good: They also have something very close to Mag...
  3. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    Koons is pretty bad in general. Or at least Tyson's was. As of October last year they were, AFAIK, the only dealer in the DMV totally unwilling to budge off of MSRP AND trying get $70K for an A91. :crazy:I got mine from Jerry's outside of Baltimore for something like $5K less than Koons...
  4. Trading M2 for Supra

    The oil consumption issue is overblown, I think. The small fraction of people experiencing the issue are making a huge amount of noise about it. It's something Toyota needs to look at but not something systemic. On the other hand, I feel pretty confident that the locked DME is definitely...
  5. Please delete

    Yes, pick up the phone and call them but I will say, considering a Pure800 is something like $2500, the customer should never have to chase after the provider ESPECIALLY if the order is sitting unfulfilled for 6 months. That's pretty damn bad.
  6. Nj 19 te37sl supra fitment

    Any way to share pictures here for those of us without FB/IG? Thanks
  7. ► Official APEX Wheels Showroom Gallery Thread

    Also subscribed. Is the SM-10 group buy launching this week?
  8. Painting the stock rims ?

    Curious what people are paying for powder coating all-in. Edit: I was quoted $1250, which seems outrageous. I'm in the DC metro area but that is twice what I expected to pay...
  9. What’s the best downpipe for a 2021 Untunable A91

    I went with Active Autowerke from XPH (who were great). Been some time and no CEL, no smell. Install was very straightforward. Very modest increase in volume; I think you could pair it with an aftermarket exhaust system and still keep noise level reasonable.
  10. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    Lewis and the stewards were blameless here. Max and RBR will understandably feel like they let one slip away but it was sound strategy by Mercedes and great defensive driving by Lewis. That said, Imola strategy will be very, very interesting if RBR can place both cars in the top 4 in...
  11. OEM Downpipe

    Selling an OEM A90 Supra downpipe. Downpipe was removed from car at 2200 miles. Component is in perfect condition. I am located in Virginia but willing to ship. $1100.
  12. Pictures of Aftermarket Wheels on Stock Suspension Supra?

    It also has the front splitter, side skirts, etc. which help too. It looks great.
  13. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Cruising around town or the highway, it is the same as stock. Maybe 5% louder, if that. No drone or vibration either. At higher RPMs (where ASD starts to kick in anyway), it's a little louder. Hard to put a number on it. It is wet and cool here today so I haven't had a chance to send it...
  14. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Installed a catted Active Autowerke downpipe this morning. Performance-wise, it does seem like the turbo spools more quickly, not that there was significant lag before. I feel like someone here said it's kind of like having a V8, and having had an LS3 Camaro, I think that is pretty accurate...
  15. Tomei Type-R Single Exit

    A shop near me, P2uned, did do a custom, angled single-exit HKS system. It sounded spectacular but I have no idea how much effort it entailed or what it cost. I think if you find a good tuner--and Florida should have a number of them--I bet they can fab up a custom system with an HKS or GReddy...
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Let's see some pictures!
  17. Formula 1 Talk

    Mercedes will continue to claw back time as the season progresses, but Red Bull still look like the favorites going to Imola. I feel like Bahrain has traditionally favored Mercedes and it took a lot of guile and a masterclass by Hamilton to salvage a win by 0.7.
  18. Supra vinyl design

    Maybe before doing all this, actually buy the car first, bring it home, and look at it in person. Like, really look at it from different angles. The A90 has such a different presence in person versus photos that a lot of this stuff you're dreaming up may not translate well when it's on the...
  19. Formula 1 Talk

    That was a nailbiter. I don't think I can take 22 more races like this😅 Given Seb's performance, I am also wondering if there is a scenario where Russell is in an Aston Martin seat in 2022...