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  1. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    1. Red Bull 2. Mercedes AMG 3. Ferrari 4. Maclean 5. Alpha Tauri 6. Aston Martin 7. Alpine 8. Alpha Romeo 9. Williams 10. Haas
  2. 2020 phantom matte grey

    2020 phantom matte grey 3.0 premium. 13mm Burger Motorsports spacers at all 4 corners Swift Spec R lowering springs.

    Swift Spec R lowering springs and 13mm spacers all 4 corners. ride hight is perfect and the ride feels great.
  4. Cruise control & VSC

    Searched and could not find an answer. 2020 Supra 3.0 Premium. When I have VSC / TC turned off, then use cruise control it seems to automatically turn VSC / TC back on again. Is there any way around this?
  5. Arizona Supra Club

    Good to hear. As soon as I get a Supra I was planning on them installing lowering springs for me.
  6. Bump stops?

    That's the problem. Eibach and Tein come with shorter bumpstops, Swift and H & R do not. They all lower about the same. Hoping someone has measured how much travel there is on a lowered Supra from static to stock bumpstops.
  7. Bump stops?

    No replys in a while. Any info on this? I am leaning towards cutting the bump stops to the length that Tein and Eibach offer their aftermarket solution to...looks like about 1/3 cut off.
  8. Bump stops?

    What is the cutting bump stops when installing lowering springs situation? I see some springs come with shorter bump stops and some do not. Do we know if left Un cut how close stock bump stops would be to hitting under load?