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  1. Original wheels : Weight?

    yeah... i'm looking for actual dimensional info as compared to the forged 19's... i'm looking at a swap to 2.0 and trying to put together as much info as possible.
  2. Original wheels : Weight?

    anyone have 2.0 18" wheel weights?
  3. Toyota Supra, Ruined by Bump Steer?!?!

    on the HKS kit, raising the car a few mm front and rear recovers that numb feeling you described... most cars that get lowered for appearance suffer from a slower feeling... if you're already messing with suspension, an alignment is a given and will also help the way the car feels. a few track...
  4. Augusta GA

    Spotted a green and black today on walton way. DM me.
  5. Atlanta Area

    Anybody interested in purchasing a set of 19 Wedssport RN-05 wheels with tpms and continental ecs tires? wheels tires sensors mount and balance cost me ~$4200... i'm looking for $3500 obo for the set
  6. Atlanta Area

    UnitedSpeedRacing Chinchi has been helping out Atlanta Area Supra Owners since last July. If you can get on his schedule, Alex at Check6 Garage can help as well
  7. Project TA90 V2 - Street Modified Time Attack Build

    gotcha.... any good trickle down technology for us peons yet? from your year of campaign so far what are the must haves for street or track that owners should seriously consider?
  8. Project TA90 V2 - Street Modified Time Attack Build

    what about just adding a flat piece under regular piping to retain the flattened profile? easier than waiting on an oval pipe...
  9. Atlanta Area

    Anything going on this Friday?
  10. Atlanta Area

    JZILLA at Road Atlanta Sept 12&13
  11. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    Find a reputable shop that can cross balance and align your vehicle. One thing about cross balance, you won't have dead even heights at all 4 corners but the car will actually handle well. You may also want to verify the lower perch is sitting in the lower arm correctly. Measure it again after...
  12. Crash Supra on Public Roads

    Looking at the grass and seeing no front or side damage, driver backed into this... Maybe lost it on the road and spun until they backed into the tree and building
  13. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    I do/did not have this issue.

    i'll send you a message later today. i'm switching to ecutek
  15. Atlanta Area

    IA is setting up Supras as VIP? Why? Havent heard about that part....
  16. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    definitely not.... it's a geometry spoof.
  17. HKS HiperMax Touring Spring Kit

    Didn't modify it. adjusted the bracket angle
  18. DevArenaCN's track/weekend build (SCCA Time Trial Sport Legal build)

    gonna have to do a seat swap with you soon since we have similar mods and goals. still playing with my heights also on HKS. and i think you'll see what i meant about the brakes if we hit a track like RDATL
  19. Lowering Springs Suspension Noise Identified ???

    My bearing split as well. cleaned it and relubed with some blue trailer grease. No noise, nothing strange about operation...