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  1. Second generation Toyota GR86

    Now all I see in my head is a Toyota engineer breathing down a Subaru engineer's neck holding a big stick so that the 2nd gen would turn out good lol
  2. Second generation Toyota GR86

    You forgot about the GR SS Hypercar, waaaaay above the ranking order but it's there
  3. Heritage Edition Supra - SEMA 2019

    I think the most interesting bit about this car is that they opened all the fake vents o_O
  4. The MKIV vs MKV Thread

    I think the crux of the problem here is you were expecting a Toyota supercar a la GT-R/NSX with the specs to match when Toyota targeted a much more prospective target audience and spec'd it to perform at the price they wanted. Heck, people are complaining that the Supra is priced too high at the...
  5. The MKIV vs MKV Thread

    I don't know about you but I'd rather get a $50k Supra from a collab that exists now and performs well rather than a $100k Supra that would still be vaporware at this point in time
  6. Chief Engineer Says Supra's Blocked-Off Air Vents Can Be Made Functional / Functional vents possible?

    They've tested it with the vents open and the engineer said it didn't really provide much benefit so they kept them closed. Some people have spotted that there's a duct on the passenger side that could be opened up but the road cars house a radar there. They're pretty much just a design thing...
  7. Model code designation? / Why do we use the A90 name for the 5th Gen Supra?

    Officially it's the Toyota GR Supra. Toyota also calls it the A90 even though it's technically not an A-chassis. Even more officially its internal BMW code is J29. I just call it the Supra or Mk. 5 if I'm comparing the generations. Personally I like A90, even if it's technically not true :p
  8. 2020 Supra (A90) Reviews Compilation!

    I really enjoyed this guy's review.
  9. MKV Supra vs BMW M2 Competition

    Spoiler alert: The Supra is the fastest.
  10. Should we wait for the Manual Transmission Supra? Update: Tada-san says no to MT?

    If they already did the work for the 6MT, then it must have been a manufacturing problem? My guess is introducing another production line for a manual is more disruptive than differing production lines for engines.
  11. Should we wait for the Manual Transmission Supra? Update: Tada-san says no to MT?

    Something else interesting I got from the article was that before the Supra/Z4 BMW wanted a successor to the i8. Certainly would have made for a very interesting sports car. A shame Toyota isn't pursuing a 6MT. It probably wasn't going to make up the R&D on one through sales.
  12. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    I was reading a Quora on why Toyotas are so reliable and one of the answers really struck me on why Toyota took the way they did with the Supra. They're risk-averse. They stick to tried and tested things for years so they get to develop and learn it inside and out. The same risk-aversiveness...
  13. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    That's really ugly lmao, it reminds me of the Juke. I'm really skeptical Nissan is doing anything with the Z at this point. They've barely touched the 370 in years now. I appreciate the Corvette for what it is, but by and large I'm uninterested in American sports cars. You should consider that...
  14. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    You have a point there. The new Supra is quite a departure from previous generations but overall I think it's change from a sporty GT cruiser to a tuner-friendly sports car is a change for the better. Similar to how the Corvette moved to an MR, sports cars have to evolve to meet shifting user...
  15. BMW M Boss Says “Never Say Never” To M3-Powered Toyota Supra

    I thought Toyota discontinued it's JZ line, and to a greater extent it's inline-6 family years ago which is why the Supra doesn't have a JZ family engine
  16. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    Took too long you say? They would have taken LONGER had they not gone with BMW. Of course it's going to look like a BMW, it's built from the BMW parts bin. Calling it as "jUsT a bMw" feels like a massive disservice to the work both BMW and Toyota did over its 7 years of development, methinks.
  17. Should we wait for the Manual Transmission Supra? Update: Tada-san says no to MT?

    It's not unreasonable in a partnership like BMW-Toyota that one aspect such as transmission options affect both cars. If Toyota doesn't like the 6MT BMW offers, that means the Z4 doesn't get one either. A new 6MT is most likely going to come from a partnership since they're pulling from BMW...
  18. 2020 Toyota Supra is Stateside!!! + Canada

    I think it was mostly okay. He even said so that he liked the car. It's just that his information is severely skewed, like how the red trim in the interior is asymmetric. I really do wish people review the car for what it is and not it should have been.