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  1. HKS Racing Suction

    Gonna be like 1200 lol
  2. Matte finish tire dressing

    For that brand new moisturized OEM tire look nothing ive used has been better than Chemical guys Natural shine beautiful matte look
  3. Anybody getting challenged more on the road?

    Nothing but nut checks with this car. Almost everyday now some car revs or tries to line up lol. Love it
  4. 3JZ?

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :( ugh.
  5. 3JZ? If im late the party, my fault... is this real?! A TTV8 with AWD?! If so Im done! This is my future 1000000%
  6. So I was sent this about Flash counter...

    They TD1 my 18 TTRS, but man... the Daza is insane with a tune. E85 130 traps 10 sec car... ugh
  7. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    Yea, its almost like a chameleon blue in certain light, looks great
  8. Supra vs C8 Corvette

    There is a video on youtube now of a C8 vs 2020 A90. A90 had a passenger but it was like a bus 40-120-130.... ill see if I can link it. Roughly what the 21 did to the 20 Supra... 21 A90 vs c8 stock for stock is gonna interesting!!!
  9. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    im really liking that blue though, it gorgeous. Almost all my cars have been white, black or some form of grey, even nardo grey... but that blue is fire.
  10. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    Yup that vibration is serious lol
  11. 2021 Toyota Supra 3.0 Dyno Results

    You must have interpretation problems Or sensitivity issues, if guys cant even talk cars in any way Other than super positive in front of you... cause you think they are crying
  12. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    i hate the logic, ill be doing 40 in 8th gear. I could care less about mpg in anyway, shape, form or fashion, if they could make a happy medium between sport and comfort, I think most would appreciate that
  13. Why is my instrument cluster so dim + leather seats issue

    As far As I know I dont think anyone knows where that portion of the code is
  14. Why is my instrument cluster so dim + leather seats issue

    Ahhh I got confused, thought thats what you meant.
  15. Why is my instrument cluster so dim + leather seats issue

    You need bimmercode to adjust the brightness Permanently... it removes the auto dim feature and lets you keep it at whatever level you want. Along with other cool stuff like autoshut off memory, and the fake engine sounds through speakers
  16. EcuTek my 1 Month review

    from my testing, it bogs at the bottom of 3rd, if you do 46-55, its ideal To start 3rd. [email protected] puts the car about 5k and with traction* literally pounces forward,....I think in sport mode it shift at 7200 rpm... what happened in that Video is exactly what its like when 2 Supras race from 40...