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  1. JB4 + BEF (dyno results)

    New numbers on the Pure800 Turbo and JB4. 631whp / 769Tq
  2. Pure 800 93 Octane

    631 WHP 769WTQ Pure800 JB4 Full exhaust WMI CAI 93Octane
  3. Carbon fiber shift paddles installed

    Excellent paddle shifters, still work perfect and are solid
  4. What map are you using? (JB4)

    I ran map 3 on 93 for several months just fine, especially without the downpipe, your boost shouldn't spike and remain tame. You need to monitor boost, AFR, fuel duty cycle, and your ign timing to figure out as there will always be different factors like Air Temps, altitude etc... Is map2...
  5. ArmaSpeed Toyota Supra A90 MK5 Cold air intake

    I couldn't upload the video, so I posted it there. I ran the car on comfort mode to keep the loud exhaust sound out.
  6. ArmaSpeed Toyota Supra A90 MK5 Cold air intake

    So I got around installing the Armaspeed forged intake at last, the finish is great, installation was not that hard (1hr) and the sound effects are great. I hope it can handle all the heat, but it does compliment the engine bay really nice, good job Arma. The turbo spool sounds good , I'll...
  7. JB4 E40 now with EWG control!

    Too bad we don't have E fuel at the pumps
  8. Tuned Reliability?

    Cant wait till my Meth stealth tank setup is fabricated, you guys make me want to slap that Pure800 in and let her rip
  9. Armaspeed cold air intake

    Looking great. Next is a red colored strut brace
  10. BMS Oil Catch Can & Intake

    Great stuff , seems like it's my next mod. Does it have a mesh filter / baffle on the inside?
  11. JB4 + BEF (dyno results)

    Not sure where the JB4 pulls the boost value but I'm almost certain it's befor ethe intercooler I.e. Before the throttle body.
  12. Armaspeed cold air intake

    I ordered mine 3 weeks ago, received the wrong one and I'm still waiting for a replacement
  13. JB4 + BEF (dyno results)

    Hey guys, just got the car off the dyno, I'm honestly impressed more and more with the JB4 capability and ease of use. Tuned the JB4 with a BEF (thanks to Terry @ Burger Motorsports) for his non stop support and guidance. Car is stock except a Titan Motorsports downpipe and HKS filter element...
  14. LG A90 Supra Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit

    I'm almost maxing out my injectors duty cycle running 93octane @ 19PSI on the stock turbo. Specifically in the 4K/4.5K RPM range.
  15. LG A90 Supra Auxiliary Fuel Pump Kit

    Very interesting, thank you for the insight Let's see who breaks the high pressure limits. Moreover, I'm more interested in an upgrade that can take me on 93octane beyond the limits of 500/550whp without the need for Methanol / Ethanol
  16. Stage 2 Custom Dyno Tune Results

    On JB4, you should use the autoshift boost redux function, I find that around 35 works best on my car, you will have to try and see what suits your cars tune. But beware when you use your paddles, the boost reduction doesn't kick in, only when it's autoshifts.
  17. ArmaSpeed Toyota Supra A90 MK5 Cold air intake

    Looks good, I may order one. On your dyno sheets you compare ARMAspeed intake vs ARMAspeed Filter and there is a drastic difference between the torque figures, can you please explain which is which? As you have 4 variants of CAI already.