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  1. Which rear spoiler to buy?

    I emailed aimgain both through their Japanese email and the one through their ints and even left a message but never heard back from them.
  2. Seat Back “issue”

    If you end up removing the bar can you make a video/take pics as well please. I'm 6'4" and if it end up helping you i would take the same route. Thank you!!!
  3. Aimgain GT Wing

    How much for the wing? Can you PM the price. Thanks
  4. Aimgain GT Wing

    idk I think its meh, again its just my opinion but I just don't think its sleek and I hope its CF for that price tag, almost $3k.
  5. Aimgain GT Wing

    That's 80,000 Yen which roughly translates to $743? its in Japanese so I couldn't tell. how much is the freight or is it included?
  6. BC Forged EH184

    Those are beautiful!! How much do they run for per set if you don't mind me asking. Do you have a link? Thanks
  7. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    im still negotiating with the dealership. But yeah the 50k OTD is real. But in a few other posts I have people getting quotes for 49k so I’m holding to see if I can get it cheaper. I also get work discount using Toyota H plan but for this deal I have not told them about H plan yet and not all...
  8. 2020 models under MSRP

    Is that $50,088 OTD or without the extra like documention fees, taxes and stuff? Thanks
  9. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    did a quick search and it seems to be: Millennium Toyota, located at 257 N Franklin Street, Hempstead, NY 11550. They have 17 Supras on lot with 4 of them been the base model that they have listed as GR Supra Turbo 2D Coupe lol . With special price of $50,883-$52,065 for base and Premium starts...
  10. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    “whoever is serious about buying one please message me or email me [email protected] I do not have time for cartoon characters .” no wonder they have 17 Supras on the lot. Nobody buys from a clown.
  11. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    I found a dealership that's offering 50k OTD, they have only one. So trying to see if they willing to go lower. I'm hoping for 46-47k OTD. that way I can drop about 15k and get lesser time, maybe 48 months
  12. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    Did they ever respond back. Did they agree to $45k. Still waiting here lol. Don't leave us in dark
  13. Floor jack and wrench for spacer install

    If the jacking spots are anything like the BMW's you need a hockey puck on your floor jack to ensure the little plastic spots don't crack. They make magnet discs but they cost around $100. I just use hockey puck for jacking my M4.
  14. HKS HI-POWER exhaust

    So as per boostlogic website, the factory exhaust system including the Y pipe weights about 54.5lbs. Surprisingly they also have an exhaust system including a mid pipe that weighs about 20.75 lbs seems to be made of titanium and runs about $4k with valves and $3500 without valves. Holy smokes.....
  15. HKS HI-POWER exhaust

    that's looks a lot heavier than stock. What's the weight difference?
  16. Supra Freshly Lowered on HKS Adjustable Springs + Future Classic 15mm and 18mm Spacers

    What happens if you go over bumps or even road, will it cause issue with inner walls hitting against the tires?
  17. Looking for a good deal on Supra

    At $45k out the door. Let me know too please. Also in for a black, calling dibs on the color already lol
  18. Eventuri Intake Review

    Now this is a good looking hood, listed for $2210. Almost the same price as an intake and engine cover lol
  19. Eventuri Intake Review

    I have to agree with everyone here from the price point view. It looks awesome and I keep waiting for the price to come down but there's no way I can justify $1300-$1400 for an intake. Even the engine cover at $800+ is a stretch.