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  1. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    They look so good on the road. I remember when I finally made my decision. I was heading to work and saw a silver one in Liberty Township at a stop light (in mid October) that same week I went to go get mine. i think it’s awesome that you don’t see them that often but just enough to get excited.
  2. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    I’m bad with names but I was on my way from Loveland going back towards 75 North. I also saw a silver one around 7 Hills/ MtHealthy area in Cincinnati.
  3. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Re:Zero is my favorite anime, I love that show so much. I’m going to be sad when this season ends :-(
  4. What did you do to your Supra today?

    i LOVE Demon Slayer. They finally announced the movie release date for the US and I already put in some PTO for that day. I’m also off that weekend so I plan on seeing it at least twice!
  5. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    Saw my first supra on the road since I got my in October. It was silver! Hopefully since the weather is getting warmer I'll see more people.
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Went to the movies today since the sun was out. It's such a join driving my supra. How do most of you feel about tinting the windshield? I will be getting tint soon but I'm torn on it. I've never done the windshield before.
  7. Official RENAISSANCE RED 2.0 Supra Club Thread

    That's the exact one I was gonna go for. I felt bad because I told them I was coming but then it got so late that I couldn't make the drive (plus it was raining lol). Thats good tho, the place I went gave me a good deal and matched my car payment amount I wanted. Just gotta get their ugly...
  8. Official RENAISSANCE RED 2.0 Supra Club Thread

    Where did you get it from in KY? I was going to look at one myself but it was a 4 hour drive from Ohio so I went to a closer dealer in Georgetown and got a Premium for a good deal.
  9. Any 2020 Owners regretting their purchase?

    No regrets. Only thing the 2021 has that I wouldn’t mind having is the change to the wireless changing area. Also, as others said I might cry if they release the targa/ open top comes out.
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Drove my Supra to work, it’s 30 degrees out, hope she isn’t to mad at me when it’s time to go home lol.
  11. What other vehicle were you thinking of buying, if you did not buy the Supra?

    It was between the C8 & Supra for me but then Covid hit and put a huge wait time on the C8 deliveries so that was the main reason. Love my Supra but we’ll see what happens down the road.
  12. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    Pulled my car out last week when it was super cold, she wouldn’t even let me in lol. Such a diva! The car wasn’t frozen or anything, just wouldn’t unlock. I’m just glad this upcoming week will be in the 40s/50s with low 30s. Melt all this white stuff and actually really drive my car.
  13. Supra Floor Mats

    Where did you order these from? I usually never get matts in my cars so I have no idea where to look or whats the best for my Supra.
  14. Replacing 1 tire with PS4S

    I'm actually in the exact same boat as the OP. Got a fat nail in my rear passenger tire and it's too close to side wall to be plugged. My supra is on on Michelin Pilot Super Sport now. Would it be ok if I replace both back tires to just Michelin Pilot Sport? and then finish off the front two...
  15. What the Supra looks like in any color! (using CGI)

    The first & last colors look best to me. I'm hoping the new Forza Horizon game will add the new Supra so I can have multiple different ones in different colors while I enjoy my red in real life lol.
  16. Official TURBULENCE GRAY Supra Club Thread

    Looks amazing. I have red, I wonder how the A91 stripes would look on it. Have you seen any pics?
  17. Looking to buy 2020 model premium

    Sorry if this is a dumb question but what's a lemon?
  18. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    Luckily I've been able to use my moms car for the bad nights. My girl is about to order her Tesla so then I'll have old Cobalt for winters. The Supra had me literally LOL when I had it out and the temp dropped to 37 or below, it beeped at me.
  19. debadging my 2021 supra

    I actually like the red trim but not a fan of the logo lol
  20. Looking to buy 2020 model premium

    Wish there was a yellow one around when I got mine. Love my red but yellow was my top pick :-(