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  1. StreetHunter Wing Experience

    I got my street hunter wing few weeks ago! I got mine installed by myself in about an hour.... the fitment was just a hair shy of perfect!.. the only thing I changed or modify was the hardware..... got it replaced with stainless steel and painted to match when the sides were sent to get painted!
  2. South Florida Supra gr peeps

    Active Autowerke is a great shop..... they tuned my supra!!!!!
  3. INGS JAPAN Body Kit! Order Yours!

    can you PM price for front bumper?
  4. 1:32 Scale Model - Straight from the Toyota Museum

    can you get a black one?
  5. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Where did you get those wheel center caps? I need some!
  6. Do you let your pets in your Supra?

    I was going to say the same thing! I have a couple of great danes.

    agree, I would be interested if they were 19"s at most...
  8. installed carbon roof!

    one of your carbon roof! just installed!
  9. Any recommendations for a performance shop in Florida to work on my supra?

    Active autowerke is in Miami, great group of people!
  10. What did you do to your Supra today?

    That is a Carbon roof from IND distribution, installed by RODA motorsport in south FL. Roof + install barely under 6k. there are some interior mods coming!!
  11. What did you do to your Supra today?

    just droping this here!!!!!! more to come!
  12. Salvage Yards and Part Out

    who do i need to contact?
  13. CEL code P04FC

    thanks.... after looking at it, it happens that a vent hose was disconnected!!!!!
  14. CEL code P04FC

    my warranty was already void, the service manager knew about the updates on the car and we had agree that he will not update my ecu. They were only to do the oil change since all services were included on the car sale price ( only way they will sell the car at the time, I paid msrp plus the...
  15. CEL code P04FC

    Thanks for your replies!!!! I installed the catless down pipe, and exhaust about a year ago, also had the car tuned with no CEL until now. I took the car to the dealer for the oil change back on July and driven the car about 50 miles since. and just a couple days ago I had the CEL come...
  16. CEL code P04FC

    does anyone know what can cause this code together with P013E?
  17. Whistling noise under hood

    The car may be having some issues with the engine. If you want I could give you a few $$$ for it and get it off your hands!
  18. any good shop in south FL area to install CF roof

    Looking for a good shop, preferably in the Miami area to replace the A90 roof with a carbon roof. does anybody knows a good one that can recommend?