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  1. Loudest Intake Sounds?

    I have a CTS Intake and it's extremely loud.
  2. What truck do you use for towing your Supra?

    I’ve got a 3rd gen Taco and 5th gen 4Runner. Get a full-size. I don’t tow the Supra, but have towed my old drift cars which weighed around 3,000 lbs without a trailer. You will hate towing so close to the weight limit on a midsize. The truck gets pushed around a lot, and the acceleration is...
  3. Rays Gramlights 57CR

    Hello! I am selling a set of Rays 57CR in A90 Supra fitment. They are 5x112 19x9.5 +25 and 19x10.5 +35 staggered. The wheels are in excellent condition with no curbing. One wheel has a barely visible scratch. The tires on it are Yokohama Apex V601 in 265/35R19 and 285/35R19 respectively. The...
  4. Got a 94' MKIV TT Auto....Super Clean!

    Excellent! I hope to find a deal like that someday. Sadly, my Supra dreams are gone I think. I highly doubt I’ll stumble across a deal worth picking up.
  5. Got a 94' MKIV TT Auto....Super Clean!

    Not to be pushy but I'm honestly so curious considering the price ranges on these are so inconsistent. Is it a "that's a good price" or is it "holy sh*t" price?
  6. 2021 Lexus IS Sedan + IS500 F SPORT

    I’m fairly certain it does have wireless car play and AA. Also has a new touchscreen which makes the infotainment usable.
  7. 2021 Lexus IS Sedan + IS500 F SPORT

    Why should they care? It ruins the soul of the C63. Might as well just get a Tesla considering you’re halfway there lol.
  8. 2021 Lexus IS Sedan + IS500 F SPORT

    I think that the whole Mazda tie-up is good, but for the wrong reasons. Us petrolheads forget that this is a changing world. Matter of fact, this new IS500 isn't going to be sold outside North America. Why? Because tightening emissions and the push for electrification. Even if Mazda were to help...
  9. Matching Mirror Caps on a Budget

    Yea I like the look for the moment.
  10. Matching Mirror Caps on a Budget

    Hey guys, I have been wanting to change up the mirror cap color on my car for a while. So, I ordered some spare ones as to not damage my LE caps. I then wrapped them in Avery SW900-109S gloss white pearl. The wrap matches Absolute Zero White pretty well. It’s not perfect but is fine for the...
  11. Salvage Supra Registry

    I'm fairly certain that this car is the one crashed on the test drive in NJ.
  12. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    57CRs on H&R springs
  13. Really annoying water pocket / Water pooling on hatch

    Sorry to answer so late, but why make it so complex? I just open the trunk and it all drains out...
  14. Does anyone optimized the electronic damper settings after lowering spring installed?

    That’s for the F chassis BMWs. One gen prior to the Supra.
  15. Spacer options

    Anything you do will cost more than just buying the correct ones. The bolt pattern and hub size are wrong. Just get new ones.
  16. Mods not going so well.

    You have to test the E85 at the pump. Ethanol levels vary station to station and month to month. For all you know, the pure e85 could be e60.
  17. I just ordered this—will someone tell me why?

    Basically, as the engine runs at different RPM, there are different vibrational and torsional harmonics introduced into the crankshaft and rotating assembly. Without a quality damper, you can start to destroy sometimes odd bits of the engine. Oil pump, bearings, valve train, cracking things...
  18. WTB Non-Carbon Mirror Caps

    Yea, I'll take them.
  19. TPMS for the Supra

    Who removed it? I may need their help lol. Also I assume you used Esys?
  20. WTB Non-Carbon Mirror Caps

    Hi! I was planning on wrapping my mirror caps white, but my car is an LE and the caps already have Xpel on them. Does anyone have a spare set laying around I could purchase for like $50?