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  1. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    Said it way better than me lol
  2. 2022 Model Year Toyota GR Supra

    The new Z will not be more powerful then the Supra. The 21 Supra does 380ish TO THE WHEELS. The VR30TT makes about 340-350whp and 400 CRANK. Plus I’d argue the interior will be subpar to the Supra. The manual I do agree about.
  3. Tomei USA announces FULL TITANIUM MUFFLER for GR Supra

    No worries man. You won’t be disappointed with the reviews!
  4. Tomei USA announces FULL TITANIUM MUFFLER for GR Supra

    No catch! Tomei has always been excellent when it comes to affordable FULL titanium exhaust systems. Craftsmanship is top notch as well.
  5. Best overall air intake upgrade?

    Honestly man it’s mostly preference at this point as Xtreme mentioned above me. I know plenty of people with stock intakes on pure 800/700s making north of 600+ whp and some that are using intakes like AMS, AEM and Eventuri on those turbos as well. I personally run the Eventuri intake although...
  6. E85

    A lot of misinformation on here. You can run full e85 without upgraded fuel lines or upgraded low pressure fuel pump. You just will be leaving power on the table aka not getting the most out of your tune. E50 on the stock turbo/fuel system will be already reaching close to the limit of the...
  7. Trans issues after BM3 flash

    No worries! Always here to help.
  8. Trans issues after BM3 flash

    I believe twisted tuning answered this last time, it’s not an issue per se. The stock trans tune is torque based so when you’re tuned and boost is higher the trans shifts into a higher gear faster. This isn’t platform related, when I was on BM3 it happened and now I’m on Ecutek and it still does it.
  9. Fuel system - delivery rate for load too low code 11A605 and code 30E06

    We’re these an actual CEL that came up on track?
  10. White clouds

    Same. Wonder if that’s any cause for the turbo to be going out. I doubt its the head gasket.
  11. White clouds

    Hmm I should check that... you tuned as well?
  12. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Please share!! Through DM I’d you would like.
  13. White clouds

    Dude I was panicking the other day, this happened to me as well. I was just driving on the freeway about 20 min. And when I got to a light, just idling, I had a lot of white smoke coming out of my exhaust like it was a cold morning... I didn’t have any power loss however. I’m hoping it doesn’t...
  14. Who has highest mileage?

    I’m at 9k bought it in January
  15. Bootmod3 Error

    Wouldn’t be because of the break in. Some 2020s were locked due to an update pushed through the dealers around December 2019 if I recall correctly. There was a few threads about it.
  16. Bootmod3 Error

    Had this happen to a buddy with an M340i, your DME is probably locked. You’d need a bench unlock flash first then you can tune the vehicle.
  17. ECUTEK ProEcu For BMW B58/2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    Can confirm the skids after rolling antilag lol I got my racerom map on Tuesday of last week and the rolling antilag is just insane.
  18. Bootmod 3 users

    I think you’re right about that. I’m on ECUTEK now and it does the same thing it’s just smoother.
  19. Catted vs Catless... My story with Data to share

    Call me oldschool-thinking, but from my previous build, I know catless is always the way to go for power. I’m running the AMS catless downpipe.
  20. Catted vs Catless... My story with Data to share

    Great read. And thanks for the information! Glad to see I got the right downpipe from the getgo.