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  1. Members from Ohio, please come in!

    I live in Cincinnati and I too can't drive my car (1225 miles). Moving to Florida you will have to think about the salt in the air.
  2. Bimmer Code

    Does anyone know how to read ECU date via Bimmer Code?
  3. 2021 Supra Power?

    Thank you. What kind of whp and tq without the add-ons?
  4. 2021 Supra Power?

    I have a 2021 Supra that I believe is tunable. I am planning on installing a HKS exhaust with a catted down pipe. I want a 93 octane tune. With the installed add-ons and 93 octane what kind of power should expect?
  5. BIMMERCode User Guide

    Research CarGuy11 on YouTube. He has bimmer code solution to allow one to change the car display during the day.
  6. BIMMERCode User Guide

    Thank you. Great job!
  7. Best exhaust systems in the market??

    I had a HKS on my BRZ and love it, plus it added power. Does the HKS at power to Supra and if so, how much?
  8. What was your out the door price on your Supra?

    I have the same packages and paid $50,300 + tax, etc.