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  1. Toyota Presents World Debut of the New 2022 GR 86

    Someone should make a sculpt of that front end
  2. 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    Nissan, I know you're hurting for money, but this ain't it!
  3. 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    Happy to see different interior colors in this day and age
  4. 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    Agreed, I saw the A90 in Red a couple days ago and Toyota absolutely nailed it, everything is just right on the A90
  5. Production-Spec Acura NSX to Debut at the Detroit Motor Show in January

    I love the NSX, but Honda really needs to bring out the NSX-R
  6. 2022 Nissan Z Leaked with Specs

    Sounds too good to be true, imo At that price, I'd be worried about the interior
  7. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    They probably meant sturdier, plus they're gonna remove the luxuries from GRMN
  8. Toyota Extends the GR Supra Range with Exclusive New Jarama Racetrack Edition

    Anyone notice the numbers for these SEs are getting smaller? Makes you wonder how many units the GRMN will have
  9. This is the 2020 mid-engine Chevy Corvette

    With the first color, the Vette is now truly a mid engined car, but the last two colors are fantastic
  10. Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

    Like honestly, I can't wait to drive this car..... In GT7
  11. Toyota GR Super Sport Concept

    Thanks for this! I just took it and OMG Do you own a 2000GT/Lexus LFA? No but I've seen them LOL and I put in 6MT Supra as a car I want to own
  12. Toyota "Preparing" Hotter Supra GRMN, Says Chief Engineer

    S58MT S58MT S58MT S58MT S58MT S58MT 🤞🤞
  13. Second generation Toyota GR86

    That Mike dude would probably do it if he were still here
  14. Second generation Toyota GR86

    That's about how I wanted it to look
  15. Carroll Shelby and Chili

    Carroll Shelby is known for many things, being the father of the Shelby Mustang, saying "Ferrari's ass is mine", etc. But what gets overlooked is the man had an big love for chili. When he was working for Ford, Shelby and a few buddies would do Chili cook offs at Terlingua Ranch(huh, Shelby...
  16. Buy Cheaper used 2020 or get 2021

    Buy the used 2020, it has a way bigger ceiling than the 2021
  17. Analysis, Comments & Reactions from the Web about the new Supra

    I like the Supra, but they sound like they know what they're talking about
  18. Chris Harris on GR Yaris and Supra.

    I love Chris Harris But anytime I've seen the Supra, I feel like I'm in love
  19. All-New 2022 Subaru BRZ Makes Global Debut

    I wonder if the BRZ is going to be on GT Sport?