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  1. Pics & Vids of Supra with aftermarket wheels

    Meaty tires!! 325 goodness
  2. Twisted Tuning A90 Supra Development

    Awesome!!! Can't wait!
  3. Austin Supras?

    Yes I am. Any pre-meet?
  4. Austin Supras?

    Cars and Coffee this weekend. Anyone going?
  5. Twisted Tuning A90 Supra Development

    Following this!
  6. Black MKV from Qatar Track/Street

    On the things you hate the number 2 & 3 have you researched how to full disable the stability control and why the shifter moves from manual to auto?
  7. Bootmod 3 users

  8. Wind Noise & Buffeting Fixes

    Just like they used on my GT3, works great for sure
  9. Bootmod 3 users

    SO NO CEL on the catless DP with the BM3 with the menu cat monitor OFF?
  10. Toyota Supra A90 Hits 781HP/900NM @ 300 Dreihundert

    I'm just amazed how much aftermarket R&D exposure this car has been seeing and to think the car hasn't been out for a year yet. MKIV hasn't seen this much exposure at all.
  11. 2020 Supra BIG Turbo

    ^I'd like to know as well
  12. 2020 Toyota Supra Launch Edition In AZ?

    ^that's about right on a LE
  13. 2020 Supra vs. 2019 Mustang GT350 as Better Driver's Machine? (Car and Driver)

    I agree on the downshifts on the supra (burble and all on a stock exhaust) not as exciting and higher pitched sound of my former GT3 991.1 with sharkwerks bypass (Only car you'll truly hear at COTA).