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  1. How much do you pay for car insurance?

    $50 a month full coverage
  2. Tail of the Dragon/ Moonshiners meet thread

    I have never driven the dragon, I would love to go, think I am about 3 or so hours away
  3. Supra Connect

    Mine has been displayed under a cover too ever since I have owned the car.
  4. Weathertech GR emblem

    I would set the mats in the sun and let them get hot so they flex a bit then put them in the car, will help them fit a bit better
  5. Weathertech GR emblem
  6. Weathertech GR emblem

    Took the Weathertech stickers off, the new ones look and feel just like the Weathertech ones
  7. Titanium Works Burnt Ti emblems

    Looks great, I like it
  8. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    Sold 87 Mazda rx-7 turbo 87 Mazda rx-7 95 Honda civic 96 Honda prelude 93 Mitsubishi 3000gt vr4 06 Pontiac GTO 89 Honda crx 93 Mazda miata current 89 Toyota Supra 1JZ 14 Toyota tacoma 90 Mazda miata 21 Toyota Supra 3.0 most fun to drive was probably the 3000gt (when it wasn’t broken)
  9. Weathertech GR emblem

    Turned out very nice, Supra stickers were only $8 each.
  10. Official NC Owners Thread

    Well I got into my car and was going to head that way, but undoubtedly I have a nice screw in my tire
  11. Official NC Owners Thread

    I wish I saw this sooner, I am 160 miles away lol
  12. DME and Piggyback Questions

    I have not seen a spacer or mini cat that has successfully kept the CEL off for this car, as far as I know a tune or a good catted dp will fix it.
  13. DME and Piggyback Questions

    As ultimateone said that CEL fix will likely not work, also I see you live in California which having a catless dp is probably not a good idea. As for warranty it is all dependent on the dealer, yes normally it should not be voided unless the modification directly effected the failing of...
  14. JB4 codes

    Quick update for anyone that may run into similar issues with the JB4, if you do add an EWG cable disconnect your battery before doing it. I went back and simply disconnected my battery since I was in a rush during the initial install and forgot that step which somehow that caused the codes...
  15. JB4 codes

    Alright, thanks
  16. JB4 codes

    Had these codes pop up today, but they went away about 15 min later, anyone have these codes? My JB4 firmware is up to date and I have the EWG cable running map 3 car is stock otherwise. 2021 Supra