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  1. Break-In period? Are you doing one?

    What's that?
  2. Break-In period? Are you doing one?

    Got a brand new Supra over the weekend and I was pretty pumped about it. I had to drive it in from out of town since I got a better deal outside. I drove a little over 250 miles on the drive back and I was pretty conservative about overloading the car. However, after I got home I took it out for...
  3. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Anyone have any good frame recommendations?
  4. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    I keep my car in the garage so I don't lock my doors. The system thankfully goes into idle after a while as long as the keys are close, to your point. No battery issues yet...
  5. $1000 Dealer cash incentive on 2020's

    Sorry to hear that man...How'd you end up with a lemon if you don't mind me asking? That bad of a problem?
  6. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    Sounds like a legit bad battery. I know the non-registering is a common issue as the sales team is not aware of it. That being said, the dead battery has to do with the fact that the battery is still running despite you not being in the car...
  7. Found a glass screen protector for the screen.

    Sorry for the necromancy but any good screen protectors yall found?
  8. Product recommendation for Interior cleaning?

    What specific area are yall using Ethos to clean the interior? Or are you using Ethos for literally almost any hard surface (plastic, leather, vinyl, doesn't matter what lol) irregardless of type? I was unsure about some of the comments here. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. So many bugs....

    Any particular chemicals that you recommend that fend off this annoying horde? haha
  10. So many bugs....

    I'll take it tomorrow as it's currently in the garage with not many bugs. I do want to note that these are not dead bugs. These are live bugs flocking around all over the car. Not a specific area.
  11. So many bugs....

    Hello everyone! I got a Nitro Yellow Supra over the weekend and absolutely love it. Unfortunately I'm running into a bit of an issue with bugs. I noticed on the dealer lot that there was a lot of very small bugs that were very attracted to the car. I thought it was just the area since I had gone...
  12. Official NITRO YELLOW Supra Club Thread

    Anyone having issues where bugs constantly flock to the yellow Supra? I just notice that even after I clean it a ton of bugs flock to it like crazy. Any repellent I can use without ruining the coat?
  13. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    Talked to an extremely unfriendly advisor in Austin that stated that I needed to shut off the electronics manually every single time I exit the car before locking otherwise it drains the battery and that’s what’s causing the “Replace Battery” issue. This is before even checking the car out or...
  14. Dash Camera Discussion / What Dash Cams are you guys using?

    I've been reading the forums and it seems like there's an issue with hardwiring (or plugging it into the charge slot next to the USB plug) where the camera keeps draining. Do certain cameras do this? I'm reading a lot of people having preference for the BlackVue but I don't know the first thing...
  15. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    I'll take it into the dealership locally I guess. Unfortunately, I bought the car in Corpus Christi and I live in Austin. Drove all the way down there since I got a better deal. Hopefully I won't get denied service in Austin...
  16. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    I need the battery replaced? Dang... how long does this take. This seems like an unfortunate mistake for me to walk out with a defective battery. How can a new car need a battery replacement?
  17. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    no other indicators. Well there is a tire classification thing but it’s very minor. Just changed it to manual.
  18. Battery replacement on new LE 2020?

    what do I do now? Is it not safe to drive? I’ve already driven it a good distance without any issues...