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  1. Formula 1 Talk

    Two of my favorite drivers were involved in this while the other 2 were on the podium. On Bottas & Russell, I agree with you that Russell did over-reacted a bit but rightfully so because it could've been more serious. It was Bottas' minor mistake led to major accident. BTW, Max is not my...
  2. Resetting Service Lights - Brake Pad, Oil, & ETC. (CBS)

    I was searching to reset Brake Pad Service message but couldn't find it in forum. I tried the "secret" menu, OBD Code reading, & Bimmer code but none worked. For CBS (Condition Based Service) such as Brake Pad, Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, & ETC, you need to be in Diagnostic (PAD) Mode. Here's...
  3. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    Great Race once again! Disappointed on many aspect as well as pleasant surprises almost every lap. Outcome was very hard to predict except max is going to win. Here's latest standing. we have 4 tied in the front but still early in the season.
  4. square oem 19 track setup ?

    Don't! Learn from my mistake! For some unknown reason, I mounted rear (275) to front and front (255) to the rear on driver side only. I usually mark them to be on right corners but for some mysterious reason, I switched it. During track days I did noticed funny handling characteristic but I...
  5. Formula 1 Talk

    one race at a time. ;)
  6. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    with that, I'm starting to agree that mazepin may not last 1 lap. :D
  7. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    yeh.. Lando had phenomenal lap then track limit kicked in.. hope he has a good race tomorrow. It will be interesting to see how 2 RB will breathing down on Hamilton's neck to pressure him and good work by Perez. However, I'm very much interested at back row, Mazepin & Tsunoda, at start of...
  8. Infotainment Favorite Touch Buttons - any other uses?

    only one button (8) used - tire pressure & temp - so far.
  9. FS: Toyo Proxes R888R’s

    awesome tires, awesome price. would've taken it if was local...
  10. Cabin filter

    you need to remove *3 hose before removing cover. I will have to check to make sure I have this soon. because recently, I was servicing my sister's nissan sentra and I was shocked to find out that filter was missing completely. she said it was never serviced before so one of 2 scenarios, it...
  11. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    I think Merc (hope Bottas) will win by either out-wit RB or misfortune. :D Race Week Prediction challenge! What will be surprising outcome may happen during race? This one gives you ultimate bragging right of "I TOLD YOU SO!" for 1 week. Here's mine. Mazepine completes 2 full laps...
  12. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    Are you ready for imola?
  13. How to reduce rear twitchiness

    There are many things you can do to the car such as adding 2 x 50 lbs sand bag in the trunk, reduce power of the car, & etc.. but none are bulletproof solution. however, better option is, you need to have better input to car such as applying gas more gently or letting the car know what you are...
  14. Juuuuust curious if anyone is interested to meet this sunday, 4/4/2021.

    gotta check this forum. ;) I believe you can set it up so you will get an e-mail if there's update on the forum.
  15. 2021 F1 season prediction Challenge!

    Max was did not do once. he was told that he should do it as well. coverage did not show and people believe what they want to believe. note specifically said cannot gain unfair advantage. Hamilton doing it 29 time gained probably 2.9 seconds as what most experts believe gaining .1 seconds...
  16. What did you do to your Supra today?

    That's APEX pro. It shows you if you are using full potential of the car on the track. it needed a good mounting but I wasn't ready to stick it on the dash which is softer material than the surface behind the screen. So I 3D printed a mounting block so it is...
  17. Juuuuust curious if anyone is interested to meet this sunday, 4/4/2021.

    well.. I guess it's not happening.. next time..
  18. Juuuuust curious if anyone is interested to meet this sunday, 4/4/2021.

    Looks like weather may hit 60 this sunday although it might be cloudy.. Dunkin Donuts at Rt. 46 (Fort Lee/Palisades Park, NJ area) used to have good coolata but not sure these days... or.. meet there and drive to Totowa where there's fantastic ice cream. - Gelotti. anyone interested?
  19. Where to go for bench unlock in NYC area

    I think @Twisted Tuning might offer the service although they are not in 5 borough/Northern NJ area, I believe they are fairly close.
  20. Mid-Ohio Supra Track Day

    As an Instructor of NASA North East Region, sorry for your experience. But from my experience, instructors in our region dedicates to DE1 & DE2 and all of them are NOT participating in race. seldom, some will participate in TT but they usually don't have student assigned to them. Even in...