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  1. Is it time to start thinking about a Dragon run again?

    Makes me miss my Miata and living in Maryville.
  2. Do you guys drive your Supra in winter with summer tires?

    I was not planning to need winter tires. Then winter came to Texas. Now the Supra sits in the garage. My XT4 sits in the drive covered with snow. I sit in the house and drink rum. We get power every hour and then no power for half an hour.
  3. Speedometer reads fast

    Today my 2.0 went through eight highway speed checks on I-10. My speedometer read 75 through all eight. The speed check for each was 67mph.
  4. How are your leather seats holding up?

    I have a 2.0. The seats are very comfortable.
  5. Tail of the Dragon/ Moonshiners meet thread

    Better yet, bring your passenger and leave them where you will be staying, Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN!
  6. Tail of the Dragon/ Moonshiners meet thread

    Some time the most exciting part are the cycles coming the other direction.
  7. Every New Supra comes with One Year NASA Membership

    I am awaiting my call back from NASA. What tracks are used in TEXAS? I have driven COTA in 2014 with V-series Cadillacs. Cadillac had COTA for the day driving their cars with a professional driver in the right seat. You had six laps with each of the three V-series models plus instruction and...
  8. Tail of the Dragon/ Moonshiners meet thread

    Too far away to come. Used to live on the south side of the river out from K-ville. I used to drive 129 quite often in the 90's in a Miata.
  9. Will Golf Clubs fit in the trunk of the Supra?

    Yes a golf bag will fit. They even provided a strap to hold it in place. Some may call the strap a passenger seat belt.
  10. Good Country Roads - NoVA

    Hiway 129 near Maryville, TN.
  11. How much a mark-up price could be fair??

    You have Costco in PR. Ask for Costco price.
  12. Any purchases near the Houston area?

    One other thing. Toyota Katy wanted $5000 over MSRP. That was after I had asked for Costco pricing. Costco sent me a follow up so I told them of the price. Lost Pines has a good price on a new 2020 3.0.
  13. Any purchases near the Houston area?

    Try BCS Toyota in College Station. Ask for Keith Yoemans. I bought from him on the 11th.
  14. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    I considered the 3.0 but the 2.0 has all that I need. Money did not come into play. I have no children so the 2.0 was a consideration for the child who lives next door who cares for my yard. When I die, which may not be that far away, he gets the Supra. He doesn't know that yet. I felt the 3.0...
  15. Opinion of Current 2.0 and 3.0 Owners

    I just bought a '21 2.0 Friday. I am 78 years old and widowed in February '20. I got a very good deal and I am quite satisfied. I shopped on True Car and asked for Costco pricing. I live 80 miles from the nearest Costco and 15 miles from the closest grocery. I have a '19 Cadillac XT4 Sport and...