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  1. Bought my Supra today! Yay! Wait! What?

    I have had this issue with the car lose of power since day one. The dealer doesn't know what to do with it since they can't duplicate the issue. They will keep it for a week at a time. I have a case manager at Toyota involved but I'm certain it will get fixed. FYI, when this happens if I...
  2. Austin Supras?

    I understand the valve opening now. Guess it stays shut until the car reaches a certain temp. Made me happy to know that wasn't an issue.
  3. Austin Supras?

  4. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Exactly what I wanted to see. Thanks!
  5. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    Can you provide a photo from the front of the car?
  6. Impressions/Review: AWE Touring Catback

    When do you anticipate the intakes will be ready?
  7. 2021 Supra: True or Fake Stock Dual Exhaust?

    Thanks for the info. Didn't know it was something to program in JB4.
  8. 2021 Supra: True or Fake Stock Dual Exhaust?

    How do you program the valve to always be open?
  9. 2021 Supra: True or Fake Stock Dual Exhaust?

    Ok, I've been wondering about the valve and when it truly opens. I have my car programed to start in sport mode, but the valve does not open on cold start. Just wanted to verify that is does stay closed in sport mode until the car warms up a bit? It does eventually open.
  10. Supra 2021 downshift guide

    Nothing makes it pop and crackle. Half the time the valve doesn't open when I switch to sport mode. The valve pretty much never opens on a cold start.
  11. Austin Supras?

    I'll probably go with the JB4 until they crack the ECU. My valve doesn't always open in sport mode.
  12. Lost Exhaust Noises

    Just to validate this, the valve should open when Sport Mode is active? Regardless of warm or cold start?
  13. Lost Exhaust Noises

    Sorry, yes the app will open and close them without issue. Just not opening when in sport mode.
  14. Lost Exhaust Noises

    I did use BimmerLink. So when I start the Supra cold, the valve is not open. It's pretty much always closed on cold start. It's about 50/50 on a warm start. I also used BimmerCode and set the car to start in Sport Mode hoping that would help but it didn't.
  15. Supra 2021 downshift guide

    I have a thread on this topic. My 2021 doesn't pop at all. Well maybe occasionally I'll get one.
  16. Lost Exhaust Noises

    Wanted to check back in. My Supra remains very tame. No pops or gurgles on overruns. The dealer doesn't see anything wrong. It's like sport mode doesn't do much. I mean it does change the shifting but sometimes I don't even hear the valve open.
  17. Austin Supras?

    So are your cars crackling and popping on overruns? Mine doesn't change much between normal and sport mode. Sometimes the valve doesn't open on start. I see videos of them popping and mine is quiet.
  18. Austin Supras?

    I pulled the ECU. Unfortunately, it's dated 26-06-20 so guess I'm locked for now.
  19. Austin Supras?

    I'd probably do the exhaust myself, but the downpipe looks like a PITA.
  20. Austin Supras?

    I just joined the FB group. So I haven't figured out how to find the date for the ECU yet. Do you have to disconnect it and slide it out a bit?