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  1. License Plate blocking the upper section to the heat exchanger. How bad is it really?

    That's the right vent, don't cover that it's the radar sensor. Left side only has the tow hook attachment.
  2. License Plate blocking the upper section to the heat exchanger. How bad is it really?

    The plate is now located on the lhs vent area but if you look in there you'll see very little intake is used at the top, it's all down the bottom half. Also that would only impact engine coolant there and not the rest. In the middle it is blocking nearly everything important, which is why that...
  3. License Plate blocking the upper section to the heat exchanger. How bad is it really?

    I did tests with a portion of the front centre section blocked by a small 3 digit license plate and the results on the circuit were very noticeable. Oil temps, transmission temps, intake temps nd coolant temps were all substantially worse with the plate partially obscuring the centre intake...
  4. Track Settings

    ESC mode depends on how experienced you are. You won't get the best lap times with it on, but you're also unlikely to bin it if you run out of talent. My personal experience with ESC on these cars when pushed to the limit is not good, its very intrusive and quite dangerous, but you won't reach...
  5. Eibach vs H&R vs HKS

    What size tyre/wheel offset combo you have on the front that is resulting in the rubbing? I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to rub with 295s on a 18x10.5+30....
  6. Surpa OEM Seats?

    I agree I prefer alcantara, mostly for the fact full leather is terrible for getting sweaty on the track, but had I known how little my $4,000 was going to get me I would have just gotten the base seats and bought some aftermarket buckets for track use. The fact the Australian base seats are...
  7. Surpa OEM Seats?

    I find it funny, and sad that in Australia the alcantara was a $4,000 option, where overseas it's the "base". I stupidly bought it because at the time there was zero literature as to what the "alcantara" option was. When I received the car (being first in the country), we saw it was legit...
  8. Front plate placement / Let's see those personalized License plates

    3d printed brackets, they have threaded holes bit the tape is so strong they weren't required. Might relocate to the side if any cooling issues.
  9. Limited power but no warnings?

    Just for reference, here's the power "sport display", showing 246kw/412nm when it was working fine, then shortly after, while still at full throttle, showing 146kw/257nm and feeling like it was NA..
  10. Limited power but no warnings?

    Thanks, do you know if the OBD can log these parameters? Mark
  11. Limited power but no warnings?

    Had expected it was only a track day thing, so didnt really think to log street driving.. I might start logging next time i take the car for a drive... But it has never done it in 3000km driving, except on the track, so might be needing a good flogging for it to happen aaha
  12. Limited power but no warnings?

    Bone stock. Not even an exhaust.
  13. Limited power but no warnings?

    Yeah at those speeds traction control not an issue, this is at 140+kph then just stops accelerating normally.. First track day I didnt do an alignment, but there was very little alignment adjustment on the car anyway, the front gives you a tiny bit of caster/toe but that's all. My alignment...
  14. Limited power but no warnings?

    First event was King of QR, came third in "Track tuned forced induction class" completely stock. Second event was with the new wheels and tyres, at a regular sprint day. Does very well for a stock car, but it's atrocious ESC/TRC tries to put you into the wall even when it's disabled.. Not...
  15. Limited power but no warnings?

    Unfortunately I had power cycled before I got a chance to check, but there was no fuel starvation issues. Last night it did it on the highway with a full tank of fuel, in a straight line.. If starvation you'd expect it to happen on heavy cornering, but every time it's happened was half way down...
  16. Limited power but no warnings?

    Hi guys, My A90 supra is totally stock, and I have been surprised that few people seem to have mentioned any kind of power limiting on their car especially for those who have upgraded turbos, downpipes, tunes and so forth. I came across this issue first on the circuit, after 2 laps, it seemed...
  17. Has anyone tried TJ Hunt's rear spoiler?

    Interesting. I tried, and even as a store/reseller they wouldn't let me order and said only USA local orders will be processed at this stage.
  18. 2020 C8 CORVETTE vs 2020 SUPRA at TX2K20

    ET does not usually include RT. You can sit on the line for 3 minutes and get the same ET. A 120mph pass is no way going to break into the 10s. It's an effort that kind of MPH wound up in the 11s at all. The ET reflects that it was not an ET+RT result.
  19. Advan GT finally here!

    Look familiar :P
  20. Has anyone tried TJ Hunt's rear spoiler?

    I attempted to order but they said they wouldn't accept any more orders at this stage.. Then when I saw it was removed on the F&F wrap car, it made me wonder whether there are fitment/moulding difficulties that would result in the car being only able to be static display with the wing at this...