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  1. The End of An Era... the last Supra?

    Hi all, I haven't posted much about MkV much but with all that has occurred this year I think we have seen the last Supra come to its end of production rather abruptly. Personally I believe the joint production run between Toyota and BMW for what was effectively a niche product will end...
  2. CarPlay - non US models

    I found out after buying that CarPlay is not available on either trim of the Supra available in Australia. The Toyota website makes no mention of it or the full specs. Disappointed. Would have bought anyway but I was fully expecting it to have CarPlay from all the international reviews etc.
  3. Wireless CarPlay Thoughts & Impressions?

    CarPlay is not available on Australian Supra. I found this out the hard way since the Australia Toyota website is still sparse on any details about the Supra. No full specifications on their website. I feel cheated.
  4. Break-In period? Are you doing one?

    For me the thin oil argument still needs to answer whether easy flow on also means easy flow off too. These flow differences could make changes to the longer term performance of the engine. I don’t think these negative effects are observed in the short term. It’s well into the mid-life of an...
  5. Limited Edition Supra - around the world

    I watched some of the Schmee videos and I think the 24 of the UK are a subset of the 90 European model total of the A90 designated Supra. I presume the 24 is to define how many of the 90 were configured RHD (assuming the ROE doesn’t have any other RHD countries I’m unaware of).
  6. Break-In period? Are you doing one?

    I drive it fairly tamely but even with revs up to 4000rpm it was a pretty nice 25km ride home with the car. I’m undecided on whether to soft or hard break in I’ll do from here but following the manual recommendations hasn’t harmed my previous cars I think.
  7. Limited Edition Supra - around the world

    I just wanted to start this to get an idea of what the situation was with the matte gray Supra that was released at launch. From what I know there were 90 out of 900 matte gray Supra with red seats in the European market. Japan had 24 country wide that were allocated by lottery. Not much...
  8. Gifts & Goodies From TOYOTA & Dealers

    I think the German language on the letter are telling a story or two also. I fhink these were probably intended for the German market as I see alot of gift type marketing offered in that market with sizable purchases. I have seen cases and special knives etc offered with watch purchases etc...
  9. Did they make the new builds quieter? Just got mine. No crackles.

    There are definitely crackles in that video. I think they're more audible or pronounced when the engine and pipes are hotter. Try driving it harder for a time and you'll almost certainly hear it clearly at the end of that sort of 'spirited' driving.