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  1. 2020 Supra - Leaking fluid from differential - Stock - ~1600 miles

    You should definitely get it fixed quick. I had my supra for 6 months before I found out mine was leaking. That was a year ago. I found out while getting an oil change and I had to wait for a month and a half before the dealership was able to get the tools and part in. Since I had it changed...
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Just finished getting the whole car with Expel PPF. Spent this weekend Completing the install of the Artisan body kit, plus I vinyl wrapped the badges. I'm not paying to get the badges replaced to have them crack again from the sun, so I did my own customer badge. Tell me what you guys think...
  3. Cabin filter

    I was wondering that myself. I wanted to install a K&N filter. Wouldn't it be in the same area as the BMW Z4 located under the passenger side dash?
  4. Mark the Date- April 25th

    I will be the for sure! I'm marking it down on my calendar. Thanks for the heads up. :thumbsup:
  5. What Don't You Like About Your New Supra?

    From a person who is Super OCD about things, I would have to say: 1. After washing the car, lifting the rear hatch where a pool of water is collecting on the inside. 2. No Android Auto. 3. No OEM Mud or Rock gaurds. 4. No OEM Wind buffing panels fornthe windows. 5. No continuous firmware update...
  6. What Don't You Like About Your New Supra?

    I hope they fix that!
  7. What’s the best downpipe for a 2021 Untunable A91

    Hey, Try looking into CG-precision DS-1 down pipe. I am looking into this one myself.
  8. PPF Brands

    Hey everyone, I'm getting Expel done on the whole car, plus my detailer is installing new color expel on the car instead of using vinyl wrap. He was telling me it came out this year and there are different colors that can be picked up. So the whole car would be clear, while the roof and fenders...
  9. Central Florida Supras - Meetup and shop discussions

    Here you go.
  10. Oil Drain Valve Replacement

    I haven't bought this valve yet so I wouldn't know. From previous valves that I have used from them, it's always designed to fit perfectly with the specific car. I wouldn't worry about any damage to it. They have a lifetime warranty on their products.
  11. Central Florida Supras - Meetup and shop discussions

    Anyone going to the card Mt on the 28th at old town?
  12. Oil Drain Valve Replacement

    I had them on a 2012 Scion TC and a 2015 Evo X. It makes the changes so quick and clean. I was hoping for this to come out sooner, but better late than never.
  13. Oil Drain Valve Replacement

    Hey everyone, I recently have been looking for a drain valve for the supra to replace the bolt when doing oil changes. From previous experience when owning other cars, I used Fumotos oil drain valve a lot and their products are really good and they also have a life warranty. I have been...
  14. Fog/4th brake light

    Spoke to them through email. They said they are still going through different version to see which is best for the public. Hope that helps .
  15. Who has highest mileage?

    Since October of 2019, 5,700mi.
  16. Central Florida Supras - Meetup and shop discussions

    I will be there early to grab a nice spot the supra. If anyone is going, let me know so I can look out for ya.