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  1. Flash or piggyback???

    Is it already possible to flash the later 2020 and new 2021 DME over OBDII? I know a few months it wasn't doable when I last checked.
  2. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Yep. And frame

    The turbo is twin scroll which is why 2 wastegates are being used to properly control boost. The two tubes are the exhaust from the wastegates. In the picture wastegate exhaust is being dumped to atmosphere vs. being plumbed back into the downpipe. The advantage of open dump is that the...
  4. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    All I'm saying is what you're describing sounds like the error messages that happen when dealing with one of the newer ECU firmware revisions. I believe the updated firmware was made available in November so even if they didn't update it immediately prior to selling you the car, it may have been...
  5. MHD Flasher For 2020+ A90 Supra Discussion

    The dealership likely applied the latest ECU/DME firmware to your car which isn't currently able to be flashed over OBD2. What you're describing is exactly what I experienced when trying to flash with VF Engineering's tune. After it failed I tried to use bootmod3 and was told by their tech team...
  6. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Made a few adjustments to my JB4 map on E30. Then washed it and put it back in the garage. Love this car.
  7. Best catted downpipe ??

    I can also vouch for the AA catted downpipe. I had the better part of 300 miles on my car before getting tuned with no CEL. My tune also doesn't have the downstream O2 disabled. I'm right at 1300 miles on the car now with no CEL. The car sounds great with it too. In comfort mode, the car is no...
  8. Eventuri Intake Review

    But it's so pretttttttyyy.
  9. Eventuri Intake Review

    But it's so pretttyyyyy though.
  10. STOP ROCK CHIPS Before They Happen

    Either way. If you go stealth make sure the shop is comfortable with stretching the material to fit the hood. Xpel is currently only available in 60" wide rolls unlike the gloss. That said, the frosted look on a downshift blue would look pretty cool.
  11. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    420? I hear it was going to be 500hp, with carbon body panels and a manual transmission.
  12. '21 Ordering: Ordering a 2.0 or 3.0 and why?

    There is no replacement for displacement. The reason why the 2020 Supra can make big power so easily is largely due to the displacement of the engine. The B58 is very detuned from BMW. If you think back to the 2JZ engine and the RB26, a big part of why the 2J made/makes so much power easier...
  13. The 2021 News Really Bums Me Out / Buyer's Remorse

    Simply buy a 2020 and tune it. For less than $1500 (downpipe and tune) you're at 500 bhp and over 500lb ft tq, assuming you have access to decent fuel. The 2020 is also going to be a more responsive engine due to the higher compression. People are getting hung up over what is essentially a...
  14. Eventuri Intake Review

    It definitely is on the pricey side but given that it has documented power improvements, I'm pretty happy with it. I imagine AMS's solution will likely provide similar power gains once it becomes available.
  15. Eventuri Intake Review

    Oh my :-) Guess it's not just the butt dyno.
  16. STOP ROCK CHIPS Before They Happen

    It depends. If you have a color where color matching is reasonably possible, then I'd only do the front clip. That would include the headlights, hood, front bumper, side mirrors and front fenders. If you have matte paint, I'd do the entire car. Combine it with a good ceramic and you're good to go.
  17. Running Full E85 on a E30 BM3 Tune

    Not to mention that the sweet spot for running ethanol is between E50 - E60. You get most of the knock resistance benefit at that level. On my 550 whp Focus RS build from a few years ago, I didn't make a ton more power running full E85 vs. E60. I had more than enough fuel due to supplemental...