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  1. What did you do to your Supra today?

    Yeah, looking forward to the new season. Currently enjoying Re:Zero second season, Attack on Titan season 4. Just started watching Mushoku Tensei a few days back. I'm enjoying it, but it's really really hard to recommend. It crosses a few lines that would make people really uncomfortable, but...
  2. Uk front number plate

    Mine is in the window. Ill get a sticker one for the bonnet at some point. Not exactly driving much right now.
  3. Shudder/Vibration During Cold Start Idling?

    99 or 97 ron depending on Tesco's or Sainsbury's. UK Ron figures though.
  4. Previous Ownership? What did you drive before the Supra?

    Fiat Panda VW Polo VW Golf Toyota MR2 Toyota Celica GT4 (Still own) Jaguar XJ8
  5. Missing (modern day) features

    I'm thinking of turning all mine off. I have only had false positives so far. It seems to get confused with hills and bendy streets. It alerted me once to pedestrians. Now technically they were in front, but the road curves so it was wrong. Twice in the same spot on other road, it sees the...
  6. Have you named your car yet?

    Yup. Tanabe. Taken from the Anime Planetes which is one of my favorites as its proper hard sci-fi. A bunch of losers clean up space junk. It means "By the side of the rice paddy". My Celica GT4 is called Sikozu from the character in Farscape. The MR2 I had way back was Chiana, Also from Farscape.
  7. New (and old) SupraMKV members say hello!

    There should be a cover on the handle. It's only there to open the car if the battery is dead.
  8. What’s I need for track/laps?

    Learn to drive on a track before you mod your car. Only start modding once you are surpassing the limits of the car. Then roughly this order: Tires Weight reduction Brakes Suspension Power
  9. A few months on

    1800ish miles. She's my daily, but garaged overnight. There are at least 3 in my area. I have spotted Red, Blue and Yellow ones in the Folkestone/Ashford/Dover area.
  10. How to Customize Supra Safety Systems

    Disclaimer: I'm in the UK so very very narrow roads. I'm also not urban, so single lane farm roads sometimes. I turned off land departure after the first time it kicked in, super annoying. Adaptive cruise control can't by used at 30mph on bendy streets. It see's parked cars in bends as being...
  11. A90 Edition Owners Thread

    An A90 was spotted by my brother in Ashford Kent this afternoon. Any of you guys? That makes 4 different Supras in my local Area: Folkestone: Me and a Yellow one. Dover: Red one. Ashford: A90
  12. Air conditioner turns on by itself

    Are you using both keys? Each key can be setup with a different driver profile. That would explain your issues.
  13. Brake noise on low speed

    Me too, but only at really fine braking. I.e. If I am slowly moving into my garage. Once you get used to the pedal feel, it happens less and less as you know where the "slip" point is. But yeah, HONK! It really is a honk noise.
  14. Can't Find Wiper Blade Replacements

    Ill give that a try at the weekend. Thanks.
  15. Can't Find Wiper Blade Replacements

    I got quite a surprise when I went to wash the car for the first time. The wipers are all floppy! No fixed back like all the other cars I have ever driven. Also, you can't prop them up when washing as they hit the bonnet. Huh.
  16. Can't Find Wiper Blade Replacements

    I think they take some time to break in. Mine were awful the first day, actually felt like something was wrong they were so juddery. However, we had several rainy days here in the UK (What a surprise) and they were better on the second day and have been fine since then.