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  1. Tail of the Dragon/ Moonshiners meet thread

    I am in North Ga it's about 2:30 mins let me know.
  2. Atlanta Area

    Cya soon Sir :)
  3. Atlanta Area

    I am not sure yet.
  4. (SOLD!!) FS: gt30r 2006 Acura RSX-S (super mint)

    I've seen this car in person. It's one of a kind.
  5. Atlanta Area

    I am in the Woodstock area.
  6. Atlanta Area

    It's going to be so hott :/
  7. Atlanta Area

    We need to meet up and get some photo's.
  8. Atlanta Area

  9. Armaspeed cold air intake

    Just got mine installed. It looks amazing and the sounds are even better.

    Just installed mine. I'll take a better picture when the sun is out.
  11. Armaspeed cold air intake

    Yeah. MIne will not be coming for a bit. I am still excited about the induction noise though.
  12. Atlanta Area

    It's great if you don't mind going early in the morning. Otherwise, traffic can get bad with bicycles and slow-moving cars.
  13. Armaspeed cold air intake

    Just ordered the Armaspeed cold air intake Carbon Fiber model. As soon as it comes in I'll share some pics ;)
  14. Atlanta Area

    Here is a better pic i took ealier in the week.
  15. Atlanta Area

    Yep sitting on Blood Mountain with her right now.

    Are you still sold out?
  17. Atlanta Area

    I am in.
  18. Best Rear Tire Size?

    I am sorry if I missed it but the only size I can find the R888R is 285/35/19 not 30?