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  1. Forge Catch Can

    Yes, and some were also with no issues.. Hit or miss I guess
  2. Forge Catch Can

    Hey there, back to stock PCV since oil did not stop It is normal behavior esp for a Pure800 car. Never heard of oil issues with the Pure700
  3. Noise w H&R Springs

    None whatsoever
  4. Mickey Thompson et street ss 285/35/19

    They did rub a bit undet load and I had to raise the HKS a little
  5. Pure 850 turbo release date?

    Yes top end power is worth every penny.. You need port injection to safely make power though
  6. Water Meth Injection & Heat Exchanger

    1. AMS and CSF are very similar 2. For cooling, CP bung is more than enough.. For safe power direct is better but still no released options (CSF just announced manifold with meth bungs) 3. Small size tanks engine, bigger in trunk. I tried both and prefer trunk for added capacity and safety
  7. HKS intake....?

    Exactly what happened to mine before Upper PCV catch can will do nothing I had one installed and removed
  8. Mickey Thompson et street ss 285/35/19

    Running 305/45/17 at 20psi they are very planted indeed.. Just make sure they see no wet roads Did a 1.4 60ft with these
  9. Fuel tank Recall NHTSA 20V700

    I had mine done a month ago.. No weird noise before or any other issue
  10. Port Injection Kits

    I was waiting for this ;) AIC1 controllers never impressed me
  11. CSF Radiators - Upgraded Heat Exchanger for 2020+ MKV Supra

    Just use the BMW Green HT12 coolant.. And the bleeding procedure is correct
  12. Anyone ever pick up parts from an airport (overseas delivery)?

    Yes I did that with my Akrapovic exhaust.. Since the package was too big to be delivered. A few papers here & there with some charges and it was released. This is in Kuwait btw, I expect something similar in the US
  13. Upgraded HPFP benefits on 93 octane with Pure800

    I will not push her on 93 octane.. Just to find a way around the limits I am hitting now even at 550whp.. For power I could always have an ethanol tune ;)
  14. Upgraded HPFP benefits on 93 octane with Pure800

    Add more fuel as supplement when needed through port. I will test this once released and will tune using 93 octane
  15. A90 Supra 1/4 Mile Times

    Pure800 pump gas + meth [email protected] DR's + Full car weight
  16. Dragy/Vbox (1/4mile, 100-200kmh, 60-130mph)

    I'm on 100% meth Around 550-560whp 1/4 mile [email protected]
  17. Upgraded HPFP benefits on 93 octane with Pure800

    Been fighting with pump fuel limit on my Pure800 for 6 months Anything over 500whp and it will be at the limit. I added methanol injection to squeeze more hp.. HPFP will add nothing.. It's octane limited at this stage
  18. Noise w H&R Springs

    Yes it went away.. I'm on HKS adjustable now